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The AWS Certification Study Resource Blueprint

Let me talk about what the learning resources are. The most direct resource is actually the official AWS document. Then there is video, video. You can basically find all the topics you want to watch on yotube. There are many videos. He went deeper into AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Dumps. If you just take the exam from the perspective of, for example, you actually have a two-hour session, you really do n’t have to listen to it, you can choose what you find interesting, or this programmatic nature. It ’s actually enough for you to listen for about half an hour, because many of him actually take very detailed things. From the perspective of the exam, I do n’t think you need to listen to all of them. Of course, if you want to master these skills, then you Be sure to take a good look.

This picture is actually the AWS document system. Let ’s not look at the red box first. We only look at this as the entire structure. He is actually divided into the whole of these. The product dimension has three documents, one is called the developer guide, which you can understand as This is a guide for hands on. Let’s say you want to use this product. What about all your operations? All his documents are called AWS Certified Security Specialty Dumps. Don’t think that only developer will use it. Then there is API, which is rarely used. Yes, because at least the architectural exam will not involve APIs. Then very important is the FAQ, that is to say, what this product can and cannot do, it simply includes billing.

Then I want to emphasize one point here. During the process of learning, you will find something. You keep learning, you keep watching, you watch a lot, you ca n’t remember, at least for me, because my memory is not very good Therefore, it is a habit of me to write it down. What do I write? It happens that after I passed the certification, I also looked at my record and reviewed my preparation time.

Of course, it is not prepared for this AWS Solutions Architect Cloud Practitioner Dumps. This is the general learning time of AWS. My first log was written by xxx practice, and then my last log was written by xxx when I was certified, and then I probably One year there were probably only four logs on xxx, so my rhythm is basically that if I saw this thing, even if I read a vedio, I went to take a screenshot, and then focused it hight light down, and then put it The point is, if you find something really valuable, record it, otherwise I think that the conversion rate or the degree to which I can master it personally is really very limited. So I will do it in a way that suits me personally. Of course, I’m not sure that everyone is suitable. Let me give you an example of how I would write Juniper JN0 102 Dumps.

to sum up
Finally, I would like to summarize, at present it seems that I think this certification is worth investing in. But if you do n’t need to set such a goal, you do n’t need this way, you can still accumulate enough experience in the project, and still reach such a level.

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