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Why CompTia become more and more popular?

Reason 1: Among all the information security certifications, the certification focusing on information security technology is blank, and Security + certification can just fill the gap in the field of information security technology.

At present, the recognized information security certifications in the industry are mainly CISP and CISSP, but both CISP and CISSP are focused on information security management. The CompTIA CV0 002 Dumps is broad and shallow, and the exams are passed by. In addition, CISSP requires that the information security work experience of certificate holders must be more than 5 years, and CISP also requires a college degree of 4 years or more work experience. These requirements will undoubtedly block the path for qualified and motivated young people.

In real society, whether it is job hunting, promotion or salary increase, or reporting personnel when bidding, certification is essential, which brings a lot of injustice to young people. The appearance of Security + can clear up the obstacles in the career development of these young people. Because Security + focuses on information security technology, there is no special requirement for work experience. As long as you have an CompTIA SK0 004 Dumps, you can learn and test in pursuit of progress.

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Reason two: IT operation and maintenance personnel’s sharp weapon

In the banking, securities, insurance, information and communications industries, there are many IT operations and maintenance personnel, and the work involved in IT operations and maintenance is also very wide. It is a comprehensive technical post integrating network, system, security, application architecture, and CompTIA CAS 003 Dumps. Although there is no sadness of the program apes who “live as a bachelor, and write code when they die,” they also have the feeling that “when he is at noon, it is better to run and maintain.” Looking at computers and machines every day, it is inevitable that there will be confusion and confusion about career development over time.

The emergence of Security + international certification can allow pursuing IT operation and maintenance personnel to learn network security knowledge and master network security practices. Career development is moving in the direction of network security, and the shortage of domestic information security personnel is addressed. In addition, even without transformation, to do a good job in operation and maintenance, it is essential to learn CompTIA PK0 004 Dumps and obtain safety certification.

Reason three: ground gas, international standards, convenient exams, and moderate costs

CompTIA, as the world’s most influential global leader in the field of ICT, is professional, fair and impartial in the certification of information security personnel. Security + certification is operation-oriented and closely related to the daily work of front-line engineers. Suitable for IT, related personnel such as banks, securities, insurance, Internet companies. As an international certification, it has been widely recognized in 147 countries around the world.

Under the current tide of CompTIA TK0 201 Dumps, talent is the key to the development of information security. At present, domestic information security personnel are very scarce. I believe Security + certification will definitely become the most popular information security certification.

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