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VMware VCP Exam Experience Sharing

Finally, I took the VCP310 exam on the last day before the vmware 3.5 product test question. The entire exam was shared for half an hour and scored 93 points (70 points pass). The following is to share with you the experience of Vmware 2V0 620 Dumps, I hope it will be helpful to friends who take the vmware exam in the future.
1. Learn the pre-prepared knowledge of vmware:
vmware itself is a software product, different from programming language knowledge, vmware requires a certain understanding of the hardware.
Generally speaking, you must first understand some basic hardware and operating system knowledge of X86-based servers, and be familiar with CPUs, memory, hard disks, and some interfaces. You also need to look at the use of resources in OS.
Since SC uses the Linux kernel, it is best to look at the partition structure and basic operations of Linux.
vmware and shared storage (NFS \ iSCSI \ SAN) are tightly integrated. Shared storage is a necessary foundation for many advanced functions of vmware. If you do not understand these Vmware 2V0 602 Dumps, you will encounter related questions such as zone, initiator, and lun masking. , It is easy to become difficult. I passed this time successfully. I think it is largely because I am a storage engineer. These knowledge points are all good at me, and neither the study nor the examination caused me any confusion.

VMware exam

2. Learning materials:
The vmware website provides a set of product learning materials, in pdf format, and a special roadmap to inform users how to learn.
This set of materials can be downloaded at will, and the contents are very detailed. I personally think that if you can completely read and understand this set of materials, then it will not matter whether it is an exam or an actual operation.
However, its shortcomings are all in English, and it may be difficult for domestic candidates to read, and the knowledge points inside are too scattered, it is very difficult to fully grasp. However, I still suggest that if possible, you can read through this set of materials first without reciting. This will help future training and examinations, especially the two Vmware 2V0 731 Dumps related to resource management and storage. Be sure to read them carefully. Exam focus. When I did n’t touch vmware at the end of last year, I built a set of vmotion environment by myself based on watching these materials, and solved the problem that esx cannot share storage between customers who bought a set of storage from my company at that time. problem.
In the process of reading a book, you must make clear the relevant concepts. Although the test questions are divided into direct questions, judgments, and situational questions, etc., in the final analysis, you are still testing the understanding of the concepts.
3. About training:
I was training held by hp in Beijing this January. Because I have studied before and have practical experience, I personally feel that the role of training is not particularly great, mainly to obtain examination qualifications. However, during the training process, I still sorted out some previously unclear concepts.
vmware is a very practical knowledge, so I think the hands-on link in the training is the most meaningful and important operation for students with a practical environment. Be sure to do the operations mentioned in the training process, understand the Vmware 2V0 622 Dumps, and remember some menu items clearly.
The environment used for hp training is a remote environment built through citrix and ilo. During the training, the login name and password will not change. If there is not enough time in the classroom, you can go home and continue the experiment through the public network connection.

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