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My Google Professional Cloud Architect Certification

I passed the GCP-CA exam this week. The full name should be the Google Cloud Platform Professional Cloud Architect qualification exam. Write here how I prepared, I hope it will be helpful.

Let me briefly introduce my background: I do things related to AWS every day. Google ’s cloud platform and AWS are the same or at least connected in many places, which brings great convenience to my preparation. For example, I do n’t see Compute Engine, because I use Google Professional Cloud Architect Dumps every day. The Deployment Manager is basically a rich version of Cloudformation, so I do n’t need to look at the small differences.

In addition, the unit I work for has a cooperative relationship with Google. We can sign up for a Google-organized Dash-to-Cert event. Within a month, Google engineers will tell us about the GCP exam study and exams every week. The main points. Incidentally, we will also ask us to take a series of courses on Coursea. These courses and explanations have also laid a good foundation for my exams. So I have passed the exam now and can say that this certificate is relatively watery, no Difficulty. But it may not be easy for someone who does not have a GCP foundation or even someone who does not have a cloud computing foundation to prepare for the Google Google Apps Calendar Dumps.

The following are the main points I prepared before the exam, mainly to record some inconsistencies with AWS, and I did not remember too clearly.
Inter-project communication via public network, even with the same region, intra-project communication via Google intranet, even across regions
Subnets can span zones
IAM role types: primitive / predefined / custom
Resource policy is the union of parent and current resources, Less restrictive policy from parent override more restrictive resource policy.
The network has two modes: auto mode and custom mode. If you choose custom mode, you cannot return to auto mode.
Projects can share vpc, or connect to vpc via vpc network peering without using public network IP
gsuite is not necessary, gcp itself does not manage users and groups (but manages service accounts), you can use cloud identity without gsuite.
BigTable Application Scenario: Amount of data greater than 1T and a large number of writes with a read and write latency of less than ten milliseconds
There are several ways to write data to cloud storage: storage transfer service (general), google transfer appliance (borrow a server from g), offline media import (physical hard disk is sent to a third party for upload)

In addition to the Dash-to-Cert and Coursea courses mentioned above, I also read a GCP-related book (Google Cloud Platform for Architects,) from Packt. The reason is the distance between Dash-to-Cert and Coursea The exam has taken a long time, so I need to review it. This Google Professional Data Engineer Dumps is more than 400 pages, but it reads quickly. I read about 50 pages a day. After reading it, I found the video of Dash-to-Cert and reviewed it again. Finally, do it again After the official simulation questions, I went to the exam.
In my personal opinion, the official simulation questions are a little simpler than the actual exams. There will be case analysis questions in the Google adwords reporting Dumps. The cases used can be seen on the GCP website. There should be brand-new case analysis. But the case analysis found in the test paper is still those cases. So it is highly recommended to read these case studies a few times and think about the requirements and implementation.

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