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Some Tips to Clear the CCIE Lab Exam

The following information would be applicable to all CCIE Lab and Practical Exams. Once you have cleared the CCIE written exam, you would be eligible to schedule your CCIE lab and practical exam. Passing scores on written exams are going to be automatically downloaded from testing vendors, but might not appear immediately. Hence, it is suggested that you wait ten days after your written exam before you would be attempting to schedule the CCIE lab. Also, do check out the Cisco 300-801 Dumps, which are being offered at the EveDumps, in order to clear the exam with flying colors.
You would be required to the following to schedule your lab exam:
• Valid Cisco user account
• An identification number that you have utilized to register for your written exam (in the U.S. and Canada the ID number would generally be your Social Security or Social Insurance number. In other regions, the testing vendor would be assigning the number.)
• Date of your passing written exam
• Passing score on written exam

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The cost of the CCIE Lab and Practical Exam(s) would be $1,600 USD per attempt, which wouldn’t be including travel and lodging expenses. Costs might vary due to exchange rates as well as local taxes. You are considered to be responsible for any fees your financial institution might be charging to complete the payment transaction.
Full payments for CCIE lab exams are required to be made 90 days before the exam date would be holding your reservation. Exams for which payment isn’t received by the payment due date would be automatically dropped from the lab exam schedule. You could verify the payment due date on an exam you would have to schedule it by logging in and viewing your Certification Status.
Please Note
• Only one email notification would be sent as a payment reminder
• If your exam is dropped due to non-payment, you would be needed to reschedule your lab exam date.
• You might be booking an exam for a date less than 90 days away, if you complete payment on the day you would be booking the exam.
• Credit card payments would be processed on the payment due date, 90 days prior to the scheduled lab date to be exact, as would be the invoices for all payment types. No invoices would be generated before the CCIE lab exam due date.
• Any refund which would be made via credit card is based on US dollars only. Exchange rate differences between the charging date as well as refund date may apply.
Cancellations or changes to the original exam date or location would be able to make for free of charge if it is completed 91 days or more before the scheduled lab date. To make any changes, you should log into the Lab Scheduling tool and drop your current lab. You would be then able to reschedule according to the preferred date or location. You might book an exam for a date less than 90 days away, if you complete payment on the day you would be booking the Cisco 300-815 Dumps. You may reschedule a lab if the date is considered to be less than 91 days in the future for a fee. This would be only applicable to lab locations that are accepting credit cards. No refunds would be issued later on.

So, now, you know about the Scheduling and Rescheduling details of the CCIE Lab Exam, you should now think of the ways, you would be able to clear it. My recommendation would be to join the Cisco 300-810 Dumps, which are being offered at the EveDumps

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