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How do I prepare for the Microsoft exam in 30 days?

Regarding Power BI, Microsoft has an exam certification. Many small partners are very interested in this certification, but they are more confused about this exam. I don’t know how to register, what the exam content is, how to prepare and so on.

I found that the whole process was not as difficult as I thought. I only prepared about 4 weeks before and after. Today this article is to share the relevant information about Power BI certification and Microsoft MCSA 70-742 dumps
while I am hot. I will also attach some Very useful information, hope to help everyone.

MCSA is one of Microsoft’s role-based certification systems, full name is Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate.

MCSA: BI Reporting is one of the pathways to this certificate, designed to demonstrate the expertise of technicians in analyzing data in Power BI and Excel. Related technologies include, but are not limited to, data analysis, data visualization, modeling, dashboards, and direct connection to data sources in Excel and Power BI.

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Why take these certificates?

The first reason is, of course, to prove their technical strength. Behind an MCSA certificate is your mastery of a technology, your working background and rich practical experience. Microsoft MCSE 70-773 dumps

Career development needs. Whether you are looking for a job, or already working in the field of data analysis but want to add color to your resume, having such an official Microsoft certification will definitely bring you many opportunities and recognition.

I took the 70-778 exam first. After I registered online, I chose to take the exam at home. Because the test time is relatively small, if I take the exam at home, I can choose to take the exam on weekends and in the early morning, so I will Chose to take the exam at home.

Microsoft MCSA 70-475 dumps was prepared for about three weeks. I was particularly nervous before the first test. Although I had been in contact with PowerBI for one and a half years, after all, I felt a little scared when I encountered the test.

The day before the test, I ensured that my computer met the standards for taking the test according to the requirements of the test precautions. On the day of the test, I entered the test interface 15 minutes in advance. After that, an Indian operator greeted me in English with Indian accent, verified my credentials, checked the environment around me, and finished all the procedures. The invigilator said how to contact He then gave me the test ahead of time.

In this test, I had 52 questions and 6 right and wrong multiple choice questions. It took 40 minutes to complete all the Microsoft MCSE 70-473 dumps, which was much shorter than expected. The harder part for me is the part related to Power BI Service, because I have less contact in my daily work. The best part is the data modeling and data visualization part, that is, the topics

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