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The Secret of Juniper Exam Journey

I remember that when there were previous Internet seniors writing experiences, JNCIE candidates were divided into three categories: Juniper employees, agents (and social idlers. Unfortunately, I was classified as the third category. Therefore, if you are a person who wants to enter the Internet The industry regards passing this exam as a pure amateur who wants to knock on the door or wants you to experience a passionate challenge in your life, then this humble article is more suitable for you. If you are already a network veteran, then you should be right after the tea. Let’s talk about Juniper JNCIP ENT JN0-647 dumps.

We are ready to go on the road. Before preparing for the JNCIA exam, the following basic knowledge is required: IP address, IPv6, subnetting, TCP / IP protocol, and other related network protocols, such as snmp, icmp, etc. The basic principles of the igp protocol, and my learning of this knowledge is completed during the network engineer learning process of the soft exam. To prepare for this exam, << TCP / IP Protocol Volume 1: Protocol >>, and Cisco’s classic books << TCP / IP Routing Technology Volume 1, Volume 2 >>, and the most important CCNA study guide, are intensive and done Up notes. If you just study for Juniper, 3 months is enough.

Then you can prepare for the JNCIA exam. I suggest that the main information is the Juniper JNCIP SP JN0-662 dumps. Since the JNCIA textbook is too old, some content is too old, and many test sites are not covered, so you can read it selectively. By complementing each other, the blind spots of knowledge points should be gone. In addition, it is strongly recommended to use the CJ-club training videos from IA to IE during the entire learning process (IA, IS, IPIE). This video has greatly helped me (seems like a teacher named Tian ). In the meantime, you should set up your own lab environment. You have to learn more about the JUNOS CLI and be familiar with it. You also need to use common shortcuts, and you need to understand. Use only the backspace and left and right arrow keys to edit the command line. Is very stupid.

Juniper Dumps

The next step is to learn JNCIS. Although this Juniper JNCIS SEC JN0-333 dumps about JNCIS Study Guide is very old, the relevant chapters, such as the basic principles of igp, bgp, mpls, the application of bgp strategies, the basic principles of l2 / 3 layer vpn, cos, must be thoroughly studied and thoroughly understood. This stage is very important. The learning of IP and IE depends on this stage, otherwise it will be very difficult to get to the later stage. During this period, it is essential to build a large number of topo, experiments, observation phenomena, and traceoptions.

The method I use is this: after completing each section, design a topo by yourself, and then compile all relevant features as requirements, implement, debug, and observe the phenomenon one by one on the topo, so that all the test sites are put into the topo in series Chinese as a whole to understand the effect is very good. The more you pay during this period, the fewer obstacles and easier the CCIE test preparation. Don’t forget to master the Juniper JNCIP SEC JN0-634 dumps, and must cooperate with the materials I mentioned earlier. If you can get the official JUNIPER related courseware, it is definitely more effective. I have n’t got it yet. I can only watch videos, take screenshots, and print them. I do n’t want to say that the content is incomplete and very depressed.

Regarding the study of IP and IE, if the previous two stages of learning are solid, this stage will be very easy. As for the information, the IP and IE study guide is too old and can not be taken as the focus, but some of them The methods and ideas are still very important. Therefore, it is recommended to set up the environment to do it again, organize the problem-solving methods, and deepen the impression in the subsequent learning. Then it is strongly recommended to start: Juniper JNCIS SP JN0-361 dumps, more than 600 euros, but it is best to buy at summer and winter discounts, can save a lot of money. This textbook can be divided into two parts: labtech and workbook.

In the above study, I must emphasize one point. Whether it’s learning a feature or understanding a requirement during topo practice, you must put it into the entire topo environment to consider that you must not understand a certain feature and test site in isolation. This must be remembered.

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