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Some Tips for ITIL Certification Exam

Whether you’ve opted for ITIL class or have chosen the self-study route, try these tips and tricks to boost your confidence as well as your score. While, if you are looking for some good EX0 001 Dumps,  you should check out the IT Certification Courses offered by the EveDumps.

Tip 1: Practice Makes You Perfect

Take at least one of the official sample exams, and then continue reading the Answer Rationales. If you’ve taken a class through an Accredited Training Provider, you would be given at least one sample exam.

Tip 2: Read Carefully

When the commencement of the exam, slow down as well as read each question and all possible answers carefully. It’s very easy to miss a question if you would have skimmed it instead of taking the time to read ITILFND Dumps thoroughly.

Tip 3: Think ITIL

Give the ITIL-based answer, not the answer that would be the best fitting for how your organization would be operating. You’re being tested on how well you understand the ITIL processes, functions, roles, tools, as well as general concepts as presented in the ITIL F Dumps.

ITIL Dumps

Tip 4: Know Your Keywords

Certain ITIL concepts are going to have keywords, which would be loosely associated with them. Learning these keywords could point you in the right direction when appearing in the exam, and in your own practice, too

Tip 5: Avoid Legalese and Use Measurable Targets

Your SLAs should avoid legalese. SLAs which are written in complicated legalese won’t be read, which means that they wouldn’t be followed. SLAs should be written in clear, concise, and simple language but they are also required to be complete. Leave no wiggle-room or ambiguity in your SLAs.

Tip 6: Deliver Value

Everything must deliver value.

See that all processes are delivering value to the customer or stakeholder.
See that all services are delivering value to a customer. If a service is considered to be no longer delivering value, it would be probably the best to retire that service.

Tip 7: STAMP Your Service Design

In the Service Design phase, we would be learning about the Five Aspects of Service Design, which would be describing the five main “things” to be designed in the Service Design phase. You could use the acronym “STAMP”:

S – Designing the Service Solutions
T – Designing Service Management systems and Tools.
A – Designing technology Architectures and management systems.
M – Designing the Measurement systems, methods, and metrics.
P – Designing the Processes needed.
Tip 8: Don’t Get Confused with Service Portfolio and Service Catalogue

Along with the Service Pipeline as well as the Retired Services, the Service Catalogue is also considered to be part of the larger Service Portfolio. The Service Catalogue would be containing current operational services and those services that would be just about ready to be launched into production for operational running. The Service Catalogue would be maintained by a person/role called the Service Catalogue Manager.

Tip 9: Know Your Business Value

Your ITIL instructor might have explained how each phase of the lifecycle, as well as certain key processes, which would be providing value to the business. If not, refer to the ITILSC OSA Dumps as well as take some time to review it.

Tip 10: Connect Each Process with Its Book/Phase

You would be required to remember which processes are covered in which book/phase:

Service Strategy.
Service Design.
Service Transition.
Service Operation.
Continual Service Improvement.

So, if you wish to have the ITIL V4 Certification in a single attempt, check out the ITIL OSA Dumps, offered by the EveDumps to achieve desired results.

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