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Difference Between CCNA and CCNP Certifications

Are you planning to create your career in the field of networking and quite perplexed about the Cisco certifications to take? As you already know, there are three levels of Cisco certification exam and all the three have great value in the IT industry. CCIE Jobs are readily available after every level of Cisco certification course i.e. CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE.

What is CCNA certification?

CCNA Certification would be standing for the Cisco Certified Network Associate and is the initial or entry level of Cisco CCIE certification. This certification would be building up your base for the professional as well as expert-level certification. Post Completion of your CCNA training as well as certification, you would know about managing, configuring and installing a medium-sized network. 300-430 Dumps

EveDumps provides CCNA course training on the latest Cisco devices and lives racks. 300-435 Dumps at EveDumps is provided by CCIE certified trainers, who help you to build a strong base. EveDumps provides training in numerous different tracks such as Routing and Switching, Security, Voice, etc.

What is the CCNP certification?

As per its name, Cisco Certified Network Professional otherwise known as CCNP certification is considered to be the professional level of CCIE certification which would be introducing you to the advanced networking technologies. 300-501 Dumps would be including the numerous modules, for example, CCNP R&S is considered to be a three-module examination; CCNP Security would be having four modules, etc.

CCNP training at EveDumps includes 2 to 3 hours of theoretical classes followed by the practical session at the World’s largest Cisco Training Labs at EveDumps. Labs are accessible all round the clock so you can complete your 300-425 Dumps as per the availability of your time.

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As you would have known, Cisco CCIE certification would be available in different tracks and you have to take up CCNA and CCNP followed by CCIE exam for all the tracks. Hence, you should have a clear idea of both certifications.

Below mentioned are the Differences between the CCNA & CCNP Certifications :

Point of DifferenceCCNA CertificationCCNP Certification
Level of CertificationIt is an Entry or Initial level certification.It is the Professional level Cisco certification
PrerequisiteThere is no prerequisite for undertaking this examinationFor undertaking CCNP certification, qualifying CCNA certification is considered to be a prerequisite or you must have a CCIE certification in any track.
Examination ModulesIt is a Single module examination i.e. one needs to give only a single exam for becoming CCNA certifiedThis certification would be containing various modules mostly 3 or 4 which means you need to give 3-4 exams for becoming CCNP certified. No. of modules depends upon certification track.
Level of Knowledge / Skill SetThis Certification builds up your base of networking. It introduces you to the basic concepts of networking.This certification gives a detailed knowledge of advanced networking technologies. It would be Exposing the candidates to advanced technologies in networking.
Expected Job rolesExpected JOB Roles post completion of this certification are – Network Technician, Network Support Engineer, Helpdesk Engineer, Second and first Line Support, Service Desk Technician / Engineer.Expected JOB Roles post completion of this certification would be including all the job roles as a CCNA professional as well as numerous other– Network Specialist, Systems Engineer, Network Analyst, Network Engineer, Third Line Support.
Cost of CertificationRegistration or examination cost of this Certification would be $295. CCNA Course fee for every track is the same.Registration or examination cost of this Certification would be $250 for each module.
Expected Salary rangeStarting CCNA Salary is up to $120,000 per annum.Starting CCNP Salary is up to $150,000 per annum.

So, if you wish to have any of the certifications, do check out the 300-420 Dumps offered by EveDumps.

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