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Blueprint of New CCIE Certification in 2020

If you were planning on earning a CCIE in the distant future, I would recommend you to take the time to get familiar with the anticipated changes that are occurring in Cisco’s expert-level certification. They would be able to affect your plans, as well as you would be willing to adjust accordingly. Cisco is going to make its certification menu more handy and relevant for the shifting landscape of networking and programming, and that would be including revamping the CCIE program.

The changes are going to hit the market from Feb. 24, 2020, so we are going to have plenty of time to work toward a current CCIE. Also, you would be required a good and reliable 300-730 Dumps, like the EveDumps, to ensure your success. Let’s take a look at what you should know.

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For obtaining the CCIE Routing & Switching certification, you are required to clear a written exam and a lab exam. For this certification, you would be needed to take the 400-101 CCIE Routing & Switching written exam. While there would be no prerequisites theoretically for the CCIE, the written exam would be acting as a way of validating your skills. Clearing this 300-735 Dumps would allow you to become eligible for the lab exam.

Once you have cleared the written exam, you would have 18 months to take the CCIE lab exam. If you fail to explain it in the initial attempt, you would have another 12 months to give another try. Your initial written exam is going to remain valid throughout that time. Beyond that, you would be required to take the written exam over again. Hence, If you fail to clear the lab within three years of the written exam, you will have to go through the written exam back.

The CCIE lab is an 8-hour exam that would be broken up into different segments. These sectors of the CCIE lab are going to test your capacity for maintaining, building, and troubleshooting networks. The CCIE lab is considered to be very sophisticated. It would be recommended usually to have about three to five years of job experience before you would be attempting this certification.

Another important thing that you should note is that recertification is required every two years. As long as you recertify before your certification expiration date, you have several 300-725 Dumps available to you.

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A New Era of CCIE Certification

Cisco is changing CCIE and its certification offerings. The new CCIE certifications are mentioned below:
• CCIE Collaboration
• CCIE Data Center
• CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure
• CCIE Enterprise Wireless
• CCIE Security
• CCIE Service Provider

There would be a few differences between the existing CCIE options as well as the options which would be coming in 2020. The most noticeable change would be the absence of CCIE Routing and Switching. CCIE Routing and Switching certification are going to be replaced by the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certification. CCIE Wireless is going to be replaced by CCIE Enterprise Wireless, while CCDE would be left unchanged, for now.

These changes would be giving you the flexibility of either continues studying for your 300-720 Dumps or finishing up the CCNP concentration exam. In most cases, the lab exam would be a lot to take on if you do not have ample experience, so it would be making sense to go for the CCNP Enterprise first. The lab would still be an 8-hour exam, which would be meant for validating the skills, which are required for the candidates. Therefore, it would always be best to have several years of real-world job experience before you would be attempting the new CCIE.

Also, for your preparation, you would need the guidance of some excellent and reliable 300-715 Dumps, such as the EveDumps.

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