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How Difficulty are Different AWS Exams Certification?

While determining the level of difficulty of an exam is always going to involve an element of subjective opinion. It would be fair to say that the exams are going to increase in difficulty as you would be progressing through the AWS certification hierarchy. With the AWS Solutions Architect Cloud Practitioner Dumps being the easiest and the professional level exams posing the most challenge.

Not all exams are created equal

The higher you progress through the exams typically you’ll find the difficulty and the amount of study required to get a passing grade will increase. That being said, there are options and strategies you can take and specifically an order in which to take the exams that gives you the best chance to pass them, the first time. So, before we check out which one is easy and which one is not, you should know that if you wish to have any of the AWS Certification, you could gain the AWS Certified Security Specialty Dumps, which are being offered at the EveDumps, to ensure your success.

Which is the easiest AWS certification?

Taking the Cloud Practitioner exam would be giving you a foundational understanding of AWS services. You would be answering the questions about the shared responsibility model; Amazon’s pricing strategy, support plans as well as simple scenario questions on what AWS product would be best fitted to a particular situation.

Although Amazon would recommend you to have at least 6 months experience, before the commencement of the exam. I’d say that was way over the odds. If you were to begin the cold from knowing zero about AWS but had either a presented understanding of another cloud providers solution i.e. Azure or if you would be having a development/testing background then you could simply pick up the online learning materials from either Amazon themselves or a third party and clear this exam.

So if you would be having an intention is to gain AWS certified as quickly as possible and with the least amount of study time then this would the exam for you. In terms of costs, the exam itself is around $150 along with $20 for an online course and a $20 mock exam. The total cost would be about $190.

Which is the hardest AWS Solution Architect Associate Dumps?

This question is tough to answer, not only because the difficulty is affected by several factors including how hard you study! (Any exam that is taken without prior preparation is likely not to end well) But also because you need to find someone who’s passed most if not all of the exams! Which is easier said than done. We have looked upon and mentioned the difficulty level of the various certifications.

aws exam
Solutions Architect AssociateMedium
Developer AssociateMedium
SysOp Administrator AssociateLittle Hard
Solution Architect ProfessionalHard
DevOps Engineer ProfessionalVery Tough

Passing the DevOps Engineer Professional will require considerable effort and I highly recommend not only passing the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Dumps but also the architect associate and architect professional certifications before taking this one.

In terms of costs, it doesn’t differ too much from any of the other exams. so around 150 dollars for taking the exam along with $20 for an online course and a $20 mock exam. The total cost of which would be about $190.

What certification should I take first?

From the previous section, you might have guessed what I’d say here. So without any big surprise, I would advise you to take the Cloud Practitioner exam first, however, I would like to recommend you study for the architect associate and later buying quality mock exams for the practitioner exam. After that, you would be able to progress to the Architect Associate as well as schedule your developer associate afterward possibly.

So, if you wish to pursue your career in the AWS Certification, you should gain the ANS C00 Dumps, which are being offered at the EveDumps.

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