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How much would you obtain after get RedHat Certification

Things that are needed to be kept in mind before considering taking the RHCSA Certification Exam.

The RHCSA or Red Hat Certified System administration exam is designed so as to test your skills and which are required as common in area of Linux Administration, RHCSA exam is required to be qualified the candidate opt for before giving next level RHCE or RedHat Linux RH131 dumps, this certification is considered to be one of the most Reputed IT certifications; chances of getting a good job will increase quite a lot after you earn the certification.

Why do you want to go for RHCSA certification?

RHCSA certification is a costly IT certification and requires going through lots of hard work and time, before going for this examination you should ask yourself that “why I want to go for the this RHCSA certification?” There are certain pros and cons related to RHCSA, infect every certification have some limitations and some advantage.


Let us discuss them step by step:


1. Some organizations consider that the RHCSA as mandatory; definitely after earning the certificate you CV will attract more and more visible to recruiters.

2. Red Hat is going to provide you with a good Red Hat Linux EX336 dumps, after going through the entire curriculum modules; you are considered to have a sound knowledge of RHEL systems from that of basics to advanced level.

3. If you are already an experienced person in Linux Administration even then going through this examination process you will be proved to improve your confidence level and it will be able to validate your expertise and skills.

4. Although some other vendors are also providing Linux certifications e.g. LPIC or CompTIA Linux+, the RHCSA is most recognized and reputed certification.


1. RHCSA will not solve any purpose for fresher, before going for the certification you must have experience of at least 2-3 yrs.

2. Earning RHCSA certificate is not the Job Guarantee, you have to understand that after you earn RHCSA doesn’t mean that you will get golden opportunities in the IT Industry; still, you need to work hard.

3. RHCSA is not the replacement of experience, although earning RHCSA will going to validate your Linux skills recruiter always asks for “what you know “instead of “what you have?”.

4. Sometimes you are not able to crack the RedHat RH202 Dumps in the first attempt, so you would have to pay the examination fee again to go for the second attempt.

Examination Scenario of RHCSA Certification

RHCSA certification is also known by the EX200 Certification. Its duration is about 2:30 hours. This is going to be like your practical examination college i.e. you have to perform practices during examination and no theory will be there. Generally, the candidate would have to attend 20 questions of maximum 300 marks. To clear this exam, the candidates are needed to Scoring minimum 210 out of 300 is considered as qualified. It is important to note that every participant would be having a different set of RedHat RH 202 Dumps, so getting the clue from a neighbor during the examination is definitely going to take you to the wrong track. The result of the examination will be sent to you by email within 7 days.

The Cost of RHCSA Certificate

You can divide examination cost in two parts-one is the amount which you will have to pay to Red Hat to appear in the examination and another amount which you would be spending on your training so as to prepare for RHCSA examination. Presently the feed of this certification is $400 is the fee to appear in examination and training can cost could be $200-$ 300 tentatively.

Red Hat certification will prove to be a great push to your career, though there are other certifications like the Cisco Certification, gaining which could also prove to be very beneficial. If you opt for Cisco Certification, you should join the EveDumps, for better RedHat RH133 Dumps.

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