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How Much Does It Cost to Get Oracle Certification?

Unfortunately, the answer wouldn’t be as straightforward as you believe it to be, but I could give you the tools to plan for your financial investment as you would be planning your investment of time and effort.

One of the first considerations is the certification you wish to earn. Some certifications require passing one exam to earn certification, some require two, and three are required in a few cases.
The next consideration is how prepared you are already. How much Oracle 1Z0 063 Dumps will you need to prepare yourself for the exam? Do you need total training on the product or job role, or have you been working with the product for some time and would be just needing modular training?
How do you learn? Do you prefer consecutive days of instructor-led training in a classroom environment or online as a live virtual class?

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Cost of Oracle Certification:

Exam Cost

Most Oracle Certification exams cost USD 245. Junior associate exams, which would be aimed at students and a more entry-level audience is quite considerably less at USD 95. Oracle Certified Master exams, which would be about day-long, often multi-day, performance-based exams cost significantly more. Master exams would be only representing a handful of Oracle Certification exams. The USD 245 price point is where most test-takers will be.

Training Cost

Oracle University training typically would be varying by the length of the training course.
Classroom training would be approximately USD $814/day, so a 5-day course would typically cost USD 4070.
A live virtual class would be approximately USD $772/day, so a 5-day course would typically cost USD 3860.
Training On Demand, which is considered to be about 90 days unlimited access to a Oracle 1Z0 072 Dumps that could be taken anytime and from anywhere and features classroom content would be delivered by expert instructors, is also considered to be priced based on the number of days a classroom course would run. Training On Demand courses could be costing you approximately USD $680/day, so a 5-day course would typically cost USD 3400.
Alternatively, candidates can opt for the self-paced training delivered in a learning subscription. These subscriptions would be offering you 24/7 access to continually updated training for 12 months and integrate hands-on labs and certification. These subscriptions which would be usually range in cost from approximately USD 1695 to USD 6995 depending on the amount of content and number of exams which would be included in the subscription.

Additional Preparation Cost

Oracle would be offering three additional preparation products for their core Java and Database certifications.
EveDumps Practice Exams –Oracle 1Z0 074 Dumps would be utilizing realistic exam simulations in order to help you prepare and give you a sneak preview of what to expect on the actual exam, which again would increase your costs.
Exam Prep Seminars – These seminars would be offering a focused and fast-paced review of exam material, available on demand. They provide a structured study plan as well as self-pacing and thorough topic review. Exam Prep Seminars cost might be considered about USD 245.
Exam Prep Seminar Packages – These Oracle 1Z0 457 Dumps contain the exam prep seminar, as well as a practice exam, an exam voucher, and a free retake should you fail the exam on the first attempt. The cost of these packages would be starting to USD 617, but keep in mind that you do not incur an additional cost for the exam, and you have a free retake available should you fail the exam on your first attempt.
Hence, you have gained the full information about the costs, you would be now planning to give it, but if you clear it in single attempt, you should gain the Oracle 1Z0 061 Dumps offered at the EveDumps.

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