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New Cisco CCNA Certification Introduction

Cisco launches next-level Cisco certification will begin on February 24th, 2020. As the changes come, many people who are keen on getting a Cisco certification don’t have a better understanding of the changes. If you are looking for answers, this article has tried to provide solutions. It is essential to mention that Cisco CCNA is not the only certification pathway that will be affected by this new development. To help many candidates pass the certification exam successfully, we will introduce some details of a new Cisco 300-410 Dumps.

1. What is CCNA?
CCNA is a popular certification among computer network engineers. The full form of CCNA is Cisco certified network associate. The CCNA certificate covers a broad range of networking concepts. Some of the common topics covered under CCNA certification include:
1. OSI models
2. IP addressing
3. WLAN and VLAN
4. Network security and management (ACL included)
5. Routers/routing protocols ( EIGRP, OSPF, and RIP)
6. IP Routing
7. Network Device Security
8. Troubleshooting

new ccna

2. Overview of new 200-301 Exam
By February 24th, 2020, the Cisco CCNA certification program will be different. For instance, the paths highlighted above will be replaced. The new CCNA credential will offer the following certificates: CCNA Data Center; CCNA Cloud; CCNA Collaboration; CCNA Wireless; CCNA Industrial; CCNA Security; CCNA Routing & Switching; CCNA Service Provider.

The majority of the current CCNA credentials require that the candidates pass multiple exams. However, for the new Cisco CCNA, the students have to complete only a single test, which will be launched by February 24th. The new exam that will lead to the award of the CCNA certificate is Cisco 200-301. It will focus on a wide range of topics, including programmability, networking, automation, and security. In addition to this, the almost retired CCNA certification has a particular path that the individuals have to know. For instance, if you pursue CCNA Security, the next logical step is CCNP Security. A good thing about the new certificate is its simplicity. Many exam candidates have complained about the current list of requirements and offerings of CCNA, which is complicated and intimidating. However, the new certification program offers more comfortable to follow the system. Therefore, Cisco tries to make the certificate process clear and more useful according to the individuals’ interests.

CCNA Exam Informations
Note: the CCNA certifications will be divided into three parts: 200-301, cyber Ops, DevNet. What’s more, The Cyber Ops includes 210-250. SECFND, 210-255 SECOPS. For many people, the changes in the CCNA certification exam will be a significant benefit. Because the review will become easier to pass, and you can take less time to prepare for them. Many students want to take the exam with the latest exam answers and questions. If you’re going to pass the exam at the fastest speed, and you can ask for help from EveDumps. EveDumps has the latest Cisco 300-415 Dumps.we can guarantee 100% real exam practice tests.

3. CCNA Exam Fee
The different CCNA certification exams involve different exam contents. When you have chosen a review that you want to take in the future, and you just need to pass only one CCNA certification exam. The exam fee is $195.The exam duration is 120 minutes. If you have got certified, and Cisco certification is valid only for three years.

4. Cisco Certification Exam Tutorial Videos
Candidates can obtain their Cisco certifications by completing specific requirements, which includes passing one or more associated exams. During the exam, candidates may encounter different types of questions, including multiple-choice, single answer, multiple multiple-choice answers, and simulations.
The following videos will provide a walk-through demonstration of the various exam question types and how they function. You can click here to watch the video

5. Conclusion
EveDumps has more next-level exam information if you have any questions, and you can equine about us directly. We have the latest Cisco 300-401 Dumps and can guarantee you pass the exam at first attempt. What’ s more; we have more special service activities. Don’t hesitate to join us! The only CCNA certified, increase double your salary!

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