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New Changes in Next Cisco CCNA Exam

The Cisco Certified Network Associate Exam or shortly known as the CCNA exam would be encompassing a wide range of technical specializations. These certifications, which would be offered across the globe, are industry standards that would be in demand year after year. Throughout the IT industry, the CCNA certification is believed to be one of the appreciated by lots of organizations for its ability to verifying a job candidate’s competency in technical work. Before we discuss the changes in the CCNA Certification Exam, do check out the Cisco 300-501 Dumps which are offered at the EveDumps, to ensure success in achieving the CCIE Certification.

CCNA Certification Updates:
Cisco would be now updating the CCNA exam for 2020 so that test-takers would be required to only take one exam, which would be the Cisco Certified Network Associated (200-301 CCNA). Previously candidates would be taking several exams for earning the CCNA certification.

This change would be going into Feb. 24, 2020. It is considered to be designed to prove technical competence and acumen in an extensive range of expertise and skills. The new exam tests for proficiency in security as well as networking fundamentals, as well as automation and programmability.

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Exam takers from your organization won’t be required prerequisites for the 200-301 test, but Cisco would be recommending that they would have at least a year of experience in Cisco solutions, as well as the knowledge of basic IP address. They are required to be competent enough in the networking basics.

The new CCNA certification would be replacing these certifications:
• CCNA Cloud
• CCNA Collaboration
• CCNA Data Center
• CCNA Industrial
• CCNA Routing and Switching
• CCNA Security
• CCNA Service Provider
• CCNA Wireless

If you would have started working toward any present CCNA or CCDA certification, keep going. You would be having until February 23, 2020, for completing your current CCNA/CCDA.

On launch day, these associate-level certifications would be all be enfolded into the new CCNA Certification and would go away, except CCNA Routing and Switching, which would be becoming simply CCNA Certification. There has also been a word about “badges” that would be issued which are related to courses taken or exams cleared. The information on this is as yet somewhat indistinguishable but would be explained more in-depth closer to the launch date for the latest exam.


As with any certification, those who would be seeking a CCNA Certification could improve their chances for success by enrolling in formal training that would be preparing them for the test. With such significant changes on the way, you could be ensuring your employees would be well prepared for the 2020 test by joining them in the right program. Some other good reasons for seeking Cisco 300-510 Dumps, such as offered by the EveDumps, for the CCNA Certification exam:
• By enrolling your IT team in a quality program, you would be ensuring that you stay abreast of industry changes.
• Formal training would be able to help your team gaining certified much quicker.
• Foundational knowledge would be able to serve your employees well throughout their careers as the industry changes, as well as new competencies and skills, would be arising.
• A structured learning program would be able to help the students in advance at a reasonable pace, as many founders when trying to advance in their competencies on their own.
• Formal training would be able to make the students much more accountable.

Hence, if you wish to clear the CCNA Certification, you should opt for the Cisco 300-435 Dumps which are being offered at the EveDumps.

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