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CompTia Security Exam clearing strategy

I completed the SecuritY + exam in January 2019. It’s been more than three months since the end of the live broadcast of the security cow classroom. Because of the usual work, the front has been too long. Fortunately, the recording can be reviewed repeatedly. Class groups You can also answer questions at any time. I talked about 401 when I was in class, and 501 when I took the exam.
Share my little experience below:
The registration certificate (screenshot from the teacher to confirm the successful registration) states that the test time is 135 minutes, but the actual test answer time is 90 minutes, a total of 83 questions. There are test instructions and operation guides before the test. After reading, click Start to officially start the test.
There is a time display in the upper right corner of the screen, as well as how many questions have been completed. After the exam, there is a questionnaire. After completing the questionnaire, the test results and pass or fail are displayed. Then go to get the printed transcript.
In the exam, the first three are drag-and-drop questions. The 501 exam is the original question that the teacher reviewed for us. The CompTIA 220 1001 Dumps is quite accurate. The only difference is that the teacher gave us English and the exam was pure. The Chinese, even the options, and the text in the pictures are all Chinese, so when students review, they do n’t have to spend time memorizing words, as long as they know the meaning (I spend a lot of time memorizing words).
All subsequent questions are also in Chinese, but the translation level really needs to be improved, so you should get used to it when reading the questions. The meaning of the questions may not be so easy to understand, and the same English words, translated Chinese and CompTIA N10 007 Dumps The Chinese words in Chinese will be different, but the meaning is the same or similar.

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Except for the proprietary abbreviations, such as RTO, DDos, etc., all other words are in Chinese, such as biometric scanner, cryptography, etc. In our problem sets, a large number of untranslated words are pure Chinese during the exam, so as long as the way Meaning, you do n’t have to spend so much time on vocabulary, just remember the abbreviation (I took a lot of detours at the time).
When I was preparing for the exam, I went through the textbook roughly, and then I started to do the questions. I didn’t intentionally remember anything, and I did it by my own understanding.
Questions, and then look at the textbooks and whiteness to find the correct ideas. For the more difficult to understand, take a note.
It took me a month to finish the problem (I went to work this month, and took time off to do a few pages). Later, I spent seven days reviewing it full-time. I went through all my wrong questions, and found out why I was wrong. The CompTIA PK0 004 Dumps memorized, and took another three days to memorize the abbreviations, vocabulary and knowledge points, and then take the exam.
There are a lot of detours in it. First, I spend too much time on vocabulary and translation. Second, my front line is too long. In the previous month, I worked on the topic while I was working. I did n’t remember anything at all. Or just forget it. Only the last ten days before the final exam are valid.
So to sum it up, it is best to do the corresponding CompTIA SY0 501 Dumps while taking the lesson during the online course. Not only is it memorable, but if you do n’t understand, you can immediately ask the teacher in the group, saving a lot of books and In the time of whiteness, personally, in this flipbook and whiteness, I was really anxious, it cost too much and was too tired. In this case, after the course, review the knowledge points you used to take, and immediately test, I believe that the efficiency is much higher.

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