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How to distinguish the quality of eyeglass case

How to distinguish the quality of eyeglass case

With the improvement of living standards, more and more people pay attention to the quality and taste of the products they use. As a common consumer product, glasses have attracted much attention, but few people pay attention to the brand and quality of the glasses case, which is actually a big misunderstanding. Because there is no much difference between the style and the quality of the glasses, the difference is mainly in the lenses and the glasses case. So how to distinguish the quality of glasses case?

1、 According to materials

The material of the spectacle case mainly refers to the surface material of the spectacle case. The surface material of the spectacle case are mainly include: real leather, PU, PVC, and plastic. Then the spectacle case made of real leather is the most high-end, but this type of spectacle case can not be mass produced. The spectacle case made of PU is very common and with many styles, it can meet most standards of environmental protection for mostly countries, The price of the spectacle case which made of pvc is cheaper, and the environmental protection performance is not as good as the spectacle case made of PU. The plastic spectacle case is the cheapest case, which is not comparable to other types of spectacle cases, but it is known that ABS material in plastic spectacle cases is the most expensive, strongest and upscale

2、 According to weight

Some people say that the lighter the case and the better quality, the main consideration here is easy to carry, but also to distinguish the style, such as microfiber pouch is the lightest, but not the best, because it can not effectively protect the glasses . And some people say that the heavier the glasses case is the better the quality. In fact, it makes sense, because weight means that the base material is sufficient, so it is strong enough, and most PU material hard glasses case are heavier than PVC material glasses cases. The quality is indeed better.
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3、 According to brand

We can easily see some big brand, such as LV, GUCCI, CK. But you may don’t know where these case made from.I heard that CK’s OEM factory is called MINMO. It is said that this case factory is very good, and it has recently upgraded the fully automated AI operating system, and has the world’s best quality control ability for glasses cases.
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4、 According to price

Is it true that the more expensive then with better quality ? In theory, it is true. As the saying goes, don’t buy the right one but only the expensive one, usually the wholesale glasses case is good and cheap. Now with the improvement of design capabilities and technical level, more and more glasses cases are indeed very expensive. For example, the most expensive glasses case of MINMO will be about 20 USD, but most of the procurement costs from manufacturers is below $ 2. I don’t know if it is true or not. If you are interested, you can visit our website to know more about it.
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