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7 trivias about eyeglass case that 99% of people don’t know

7 trivias about glasses cases that 99% of people don’t know

1. Who invented the earliest glasses case in the world?

The earliest glasses case in the world is a leather glasses case invented by Ray-Ban. This Ray-Ban case was originally made of genuine leather. It feels great and is still in the Ray-Ban Museum now.

2. Which is the lightest eyeglass case in the world?

The weight of the hard glasses case is generally between 50g and 200g, but in the case of a glasses case without a skeleton structure, the glasses pouch should be the lightest eyeglass case, and its weight is generally between 5-20g. However, such a spectacle case cannot effectively protect the glasses themselves from being crushed.

3. What material is the lining of the glasses case?

The lining of the glasses case is made of a material called blister + flocking. It is glued to the inside of the case of the glasses case. The color can be customized according to the user’s preference. We can even print some pattern on the the lining of the case at the same time, this material is effective against vibration and friction damage to the lens.

4. What are the manufacturers of glasses cases mainly distributed in the world?

Most of the world’s glasses case manufacturers and suppliers are located in China and India, and high-end glasses case, especially leather glasses case and leather sunglasses case are mainly distributed in Europe, such as Italy and France. In China a company named MINMO is a very famous eyeglass case factory.

5. What kind of people will spend money to buy glasses cases?

The general glasses case is given by the store when people wear glasses. However, these glasses cases are often cheap glasses cases, and high-end glasses boxes are only given by big-name glasses manufacturers, so there are fewer people who spend money to buy glasses cases, mostly young people who are pursuing fashion.

6. How much is the cost price of the glasses case?

There are many types of glasses cases. The cost of a hard eyeglass case is about 0.4-0.8 dollars, the cost of a leather glasses case is about 0.60-1.0 dollars, and the cost of a plastic glasses case is about 0.2-0.3 dollars.

7. Which is the most sold glasses case in the world?

The most sold glasses case in the world should be Ray-Ban glasses case. This type of glasses case has no patents. Many smaller glasses brands also use the Ray-Ban glasses case, followed by hard glasses case. Sourcing from:

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