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A Love from eyeglasses case

One day at the bar, a beautiful girl sat in front of me. At first I was very interested in this beautiful girl. Later, the girl took off her sunglasses and took out a hard eyeglasses case from her bag. I was so amazing about that case as remenber. What kind of case which can makes me not interested in this beautiful girl? Don’t you want to know? Don’t worry, listen to me and continue to talk to you. That day, the girl was wearing a leather coat, very sexy, and the hard glasses case was also a black color, a golden debossed logo on the cover. This glasses case is full of mystery, that is the same feel for this girl of me. I asked the girl if she wants to drink a glass of wine. She agreed. I bought a cup of Mojito for her. She said that she likes it very much. After have a drink she said she likes to drink with ice.
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I asked her, is this sunglasses case expensive? She did not answer, smiled at me and asked me, is it beautiful? I said it is very beautiful, very suitable for your style. She smiled at me mysteriously and asked if I had time to go to her house at night. I didn’t agree, then I asked her, can you tell me what brand of that case, where can I to buy it? She said it is MINMO, when she bought sunglasses at an optical shop. the shop owner said that this brand case is very expensive, and will be given when you buy eyeglasses of more than $1,000. I was very surprised. It seems that this beautiful girl should be a very rich person. If I can be with her, I will become a rich man too. So I said, are you willing to be my girlfriend? She said that she came to my house tonight, I will tell you the answer. Then she picked up the case on the table, put it in the bag, took my hand, and walked out of the bar.
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Then girl to been my wife now. We got married because of the unforgettable eyeglasses case. I have kept this case intact. Although it is very worn out, we still can’t bear to throw it away, because this is a symbol of our love. Now I start to use Ray ban leather case, I think that is also a very classical glasses case, it’s made by genius leather, so it’s very suit for our men, maybe oneday my wife also like to use this kind of case. I must to say, I love all kinds of case for eyeglasses, because they are belong to my life. Sourcing from:

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