Mini Fiber Laser Makring Buying Guide

Small business owners like jewelry store owners, small souvenir businesses, and the likes, often wonder how their products can be marked without having to spend so much or even clearing out a good amount of space to occupy any equipment. Buying the mini fiber laser machine is simply the solution, although the mini fiber laser is also used by bigger industries. What makes the mini fiber laser machine unique to buy is that it is a very recent development in the laser marking technology. The structure is compact such that there is a computer within the laser machine itself; weighing 28kg.

The size makes marking and engraving a superb activity. The marking speed is not influenced by the size at all. Barcodes, logos, serial numbers, etc, are always marked at 7000mm/s.

The marking quality is high and is not erasable once marked, irrespective of exposure to different conditions

Its use is not only applicable for small businesses, large industries such as electronics, hardware, automobile industry, etc also make use of this product.

Alldo Tech mini fiber laser marking machine does not develop problems like overheating because of the presence of an air cooling system, making it possible to serve your business for 100,000 hours.

The inbuilt software is programmed in Chinese/English, and allows formats in PNG, JPG, BMP, PLT, etc.

The power required for marking is low as the electro-optic conversion rate is up to 30%., saving your business extra charges on power use.

Alldo Tech fiber laser marking machine is easy to use and it requires one-man operation. There is no need for prior experience before you can use the laser machine.

Link:Mini Fiber Laser Makring Buying Guide

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