Labeling machine

Auchan Automatic Equiment Technology Ltd.Co, is a Labeling machine factory to produce advance Labeling Machinefor any kind of Bottles, Box, Fruits, Flat item, Roll item, and unreguliar surface items. our technical team provide OEM/ODM service for any special project, Will meet your requirement. Website: [email protected]

High-Speed / Low noise / Miniaturization

Our Labeling Machine work high-speed, Low Noice,smaller than other machine in the market

Smart Technology

The Full Automatic Labeling Machines were assembled by Many single function Machines, Each Of them was independ, can be replaced by more powerful machine Or the machine for different purpose.

Simply Mantaince

All of our Labeling Machine use Component Parts were from Germany or Japan, they were long working life and almost ZERO Error. And other parts was applied standar part, can be easily replace.

The Fruit labeling machine keywords:

Sticker Labeling machine;

New zealand Kivi Fruit Labeling Machine;

Japan /USA Apple Labeling Machine;

Thailand pear Labeling Machine;

Philippines Spanish Cherry Labeling Machine;

Thailand guava /Mango Labeling Machine;

The dragon fruit Labeling Machine;

The Orange Labeling Machine;

The peach Labeling Machine;

The USApeach / Sunkist Labeling Machine

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