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Why do you need Take the Cisco Certification Exam Now

The Reasons to Cisco has proclaimed a complete modification to the complete career certification program on June 10th, 2019, with exams lots and lots of exams and new certifications as well as new rules and new everything with premeditated availability by February 2020. It almost took me a month to get over the shock when I first heard, and it would take time for you as well.

But after I had time to digest all the program changes, and the impact on all you CCNA R&S candidates out there, the conclusion was simple. It would be good if you gain the Cisco Certification Exam Before the changes hit the market. But, do remember that if you wish to have the CCIE Certification, it would be nice to take it right now and if you have decided to go for it, you should check out the Cisco 300-415 Dumps, which are offered at the EveDumps.
So, we would be discussing the reasons, about why you should take the Cisco Certification Before 2020.
Credentials remain same if You Pass w/ Old Exams:
Keep studying, pass the existing exams (100-105, 200-105, 200-125), get your CCNA R&S before Feb 2020, and you would be still acquiring a Cisco CCNA Certification after the transition. Cisco would have a transition app to walk you through what you would have in terms of certifications after the transition. However, if you have CCNA R&S before Feb 2020, you would be having a CCNA certification afterward .
Additionally, you would be also potentially gaining something new called badges which would be related to Cisco 300-430 Dumps you might have taken and/or exams passed. Point is that you would be losing nothing by clearing the old Cisco Certification, for example, the CCNA R&S Certification and shouldn’t lose out on new credentials.

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More Exam Options Today and Future Uncertainty:
The announcement does make this noticeable change to CCNA R&S: The 2-exam path to CCNA R&S would be disappearing. Currently, you could take/pass the ICND1 100-105 and ICND2 200-105 exams to gain your CCNA R&S certification, or clear the CCNA 200-125 exam, either way. So, for those of you pursuing Cisco 300-435 Dumps now, you actually would be having more options today.
Note that having a one-exam path only for the new CCNA shouldn’t be a big barrier: the new CCNA would be roughly 25% smaller than the old CCNA R&S by the best objective measurements I could make. Hence, you should gain the Cisco Certification, with the known exams and before the changes of February 2020.
Cisco Certification (CCNA) as an End Goal
Were you pursuing Cisco Certification (CCNA) certification as the goal itself? If so, you should clear, the Cisco 300-425 Dumps, before 2020. So, for you, there would be no reason to wait – just keep working. You’ll have three years then to recertify, with the new rules beginning Feb 24, 2020, which give you many more recertification options compared to today.
Your Choice: Pass Now or Wait
You could choose to keep marching towards Cisco Exam, planning to clear it by February 2020. You could study now with an eye towards passing the new exam. So, you could either wait and let the changes hit and you could have new certification, but it is going to be a bit hard for the fresher. Hence it is recommended to have the Cisco certification before 2020. You would be totally unaware of the new exams and their content and how this would be going to commence. Hence, if you give it, there are more chances of you to fail.
If you wish to gain the Cisco Certification before 2020, you should check out the courses offered by the EveDumps Club.

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