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How to grow blueberries with controlled release fertlizer

Mr. Zhang has been operating a blueberry plantation for 10 years, and his plantation is a new type of agriculture that combines blueberry picking, dining and entertainment into one. But because of the epidemic in these days, the blueberry seeds were planted but struggled with a lack of labor to keep fertilizing, and Mr. Zhang was worried about his plantation was going to be abandoned, so we found Nagric and used Manacote controlled release fertilizer instead of traditional fertilizer. Little labor is required for multiple fertilizer chases, but rather a slow and continuous release of nutrients through controlled-release fertilizers, allowing the blueberry to grow throughout its entire life cycle. The process continues to get just the right amount of nutritional supplements.


On 10,May,2020, Mr. Zhang’s blueberry plantation finally opened to the public again, customers came to his plantation, all praise his blueberries are big and full, so the customers continue to come back, who bringing their relatives and friends to eat and pick.

Mr. Zhang proudly calculated a sum with the author, originally his picking garden needs three people to manage, a year’s salary is a total of 30,000 U.S. dollars. It now only takes 1 person to run the blueberry plantation, saving him $20,000 in labor costs directly, which saves him exactly It is used to make up the difference in price between regular fertilizer and controlled release fertilizer, and there is more. More importantly, with Manacote controlled release fertilizer, not only is leaching of nutrients and waste avoided, but it is also sustainable. The constant supply of nutrients has led to a significant increase in crop yields, and a higher total economic benefit.

Finally, he told the author that although the epidemic had caused many disasters, he was grateful that him has got in touch with the Nagric company, which makes him start using the Manacote.

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