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What makes Nagric so successful

Behind the success is the rise of the industry

Many people are unfamiliar with Nagric, but it is quite a powerful agricultural technology company, their main products are controlled release fertilizers and water soluble fertilizers.

Maybe some people have questions, that is why this company growing so fast. there is a reason, the R&D of this company is based on some famous Chinese soil research institute, and its products have been awarded several national invention patents, as well as PCT certification. especially the Manacote and Magric products.

As we all know, with the development of urban construction in China, the land available for cultivation becomes less and less, so the Chinese agricultural sciences institutions did a lot, which invested a lot of energy in research on increasing agricultural production and income, the Chinese government also attaches great importance to agriculture, so Chinese agriculture has been awesome from ancient times to the present.

Nagric story

In fact, technology alone is not enough, this enterprise’s company culture is quite unique, its company name “nagirc” means “new agriculture” , not only represents the company’s pursuit of new agricultural technology, but also represents its company to create a new agricultural civilization’s great vision.

Currently in the agricultural field, there are many companies competing in a homogeneous manner. With the development of AI technology and IoT technology, the degree of development of modern agriculture actually reflects the overall strength of a country.

nagric fertilizer

Their company’s LOGO look is known from the fairy tale “Jack and beanstalk”, and its main Manacote fertilizer products also have a magic meaning, I believe that many consumers once used this product will be addicted, not only the superiority of its product quality, more importantly, it is easy to remember the brand LOGO from the fairy tale, it is said that the LOGO design has won the “Hiiibrand” international brand logo design competition won the second prize.
All in all, Nagric’s great success is due to three main factors: 1st is the creation of an easy-to-remember brand identity, the 2nd is the continuous development of its products based on national research institutes, 3rd is the youthfulness of its service team and the rapid development of its marketing network.
While most of the fertilizer companies in China are still busy trying to survive, Nagric has already woken up and has quickly become a dark horse in the industry, a very worthy example for us to follow.

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