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FS100R12KE3 Eupec

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FS100R12KE3 Description

FS100R12KE3 is the econo IGBT module for you. This wonder IGBT module is both economic and cost-efficient. It saves up on space and energy – something that you won’t find normally in other IGBT modules.

Infineon developed with FS100R12KE3 in mind. They equipped the power module with IGBT3 and NTC to make it more efficient than the typical models. The device features an established econo module concept, integrated temperature sensor, and low stray inductance moudle design to further improve its efficiency rate. Not only is it economic but it is also eco-friendly. FS100R12KE3 is guaranteed to be free any harmful chemicals such as lead. Therefore, you are assured of its safety upon usage.

FS100R12KE3  2.20 lbs


FS100R12KE3 could be used in Drives



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