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#CXA-L0612-VML NEC CXA-L0612-VML New Inverters for CCFL and UV Lamps Input 12V/Output 1500V, CXA-L0612-VML pictures, CXA-L0612-VML price, #CXA-L0612-VML supplier
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Type Inverters for CCFL and UV Lamps
Voltage – Input 12V
Output 1500V
Size / Dimension 3.76″ L x 0.79″ W x 0.31″ H (95.5mm x 20mm x 8mm)
Mounting Type Chassis Mount
Lead Free Status Contains Lead
RoHS Status RoHS Non-Compliant

This DC to AC Inverter was developed for notebook computer and many other
low LCD Backlight power supply as low profile applications, either for Note
Book PC or Industrial.
Applicable LCD; 10 to 12 inches single lamp type
Lamp Voltage 600V
Lamp Current 6mA
Current Feedback Circuit
High Efficiency
Low noise with voltage resonant circuit
Regulated output current
Operating Temperature Range 0 °C ~ +50 °C
Storage Temperature Range -30 °C ~ +85 °C
Humidity 95 %RH max

CXA-L0612-VML inverter, CXA-L0612-VML power supply, CXA-L0612-VML Electronic board, CXA-L0612-VML VGA board, CXA-L0612-VML touchscreen available.

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