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PM75RSA060 Mitsubishi

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PM75RSA060 Description

Extracting a lot more performance from IGBT chips, PM75RSA060 is certainly a powerful module. With it’s complete output power circuit, energy losses due to joule heat are kept to a bare minimum, giving you that cost-efficient performance you always desired.

PM75RSA060 can also improve low power input to a high current gain through its gate drive circuit. Its durability and toughness comes from its protection logic, which protects itself from damage of overcurrent, short circuit, undervoltage, and overtemperature and other common electrical problems of a power module.

PM75RSA060  1.21 lbs


PM75RSA060 could be used in Inverters, UPS, Motion/Servo Control, Power Supplies


Intellimod Module Three Phase Brake IGBT Inverter Output
Power Driver Module IGBT 3 Phase 600V 75A Module

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