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MG600Q1US51 IGBT Description

High Power Switching Applications Motor Control Applications
. High input impedance
. High speed : tf = 0.3µs (Max)
                       @Inductive load
. Low saturation voltage: VCE (sat) = 3.6V (Max)
. Enhancement-mode
. Includes a complete half bridge in onepackage.
. The electrodes are isolated from case. 
Collector-emitter voltage VCES 1200 V
Gate-emitter voltage VGES ±20 V

Collector current DC IC 600 A
Collector current 1ms ICP 1200 A
Forward current DC IF 600 A
Forward current 1ms IFM 1200 A

Collector power dissipation (Tc = 25°C) PC 4100 W
Junction temperature Tj 150 °C
Storage temperature range Tstg −40 ~ 125 °C
Isolation voltage VIsol 2500(AC 1 minute) V
Screw torque (Terminal / mounting) ― 3 / 3 N·m 

High Power Switching Applications Motor Control Applications 600A/1200V

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