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MG15N6ES42 Toshiba

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MG15N6ES42 Description

.The Electrodes are Isolated from Case.
.6 IGBTs are Built Into 1 Package.
.Low Saturation Voltage:VCE-4V
Collector-Emitter Voltage Vces:1200V
Gate-Emitter Voltage Vges:±20 V
Collector Current Dc/1ms(Ic/Icp):15A-30A
Forward CurrentDc/1ms(If/Ifm):15A-30A
Collector Power Dissipation Pc:125W
Junction Temperature Tj:150°C
Storage Pemperature Range Tstg:-40-125°C
Isolation Voltage VIso1:2500V
Serew Torque:3 N.m

High Power Switching Applications.Motor Control Applications.

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