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LCD Inverter is an Electronic component device that converts power from AC to DC and used to illuminate the LCD Display CCFL backlight. When power on, it instantly outputs an ultra-high voltage to evaporate the mercury in the cold cathode tube, conduct the two electrodes, generate electrons, and bombard the neon. The gas produces neutrons, then bombards the mercury gas to produce ultraviolet rays, and finally hits the phosphor to emit light, which provides light for the display Glasses, it works normally output voltage is about 600V, and the working current is about 6mA.

2. the basic components of LCD Inverter

LCD Inverter is mainly contained of voltage regulator (buck chopper), self-excited oscillator (mostly Royer oscillator), pulse Wide regulator PWM IC component.

3. Voltage regulator (buck chopper)

Used to adjust the voltage supplied to the free-running oscillator to control the brightness of the Panel CFFL backlight.


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