EVA Foam Blocks

EVA Foam Blocks


Eva Foam Blocks are constructed from a resilient foam. EVA foam has a non-abrasive surface area that allows you to flex as well as stretch when wearing your customized sole.

As you can see, there are a range of these products on the market, including golf placing environment-friendlies with large EVA foam sheets that are used as below ground paddings.

The EVA obstructs from Ideastep are intended for usage in soles.

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When you purchase EVA FOAM BLOCK from IDEASTEP, you can promptly receive the desired size, limited resistances, and thickness, along with time and money savings.

We’ll additionally work hard to make sure the extruded EVA foam sheets are the best thickness for the frothing operation. This method is mostly made use of to cut foam blocks and strips. The factory workers will certainly navigate the sawn-off machine to cut the foam sheets to the appropriate sizes and sizes until we have actually reached the wanted thickness. We introduce our foam sawing maker by putting all of the foam sheets and also blocks on the cutting blade.

It is available in a selection of colors as well as densities, along with a range of sizes and also forms. It can be foamed in any type of shade, density, form, range, or material, in addition to different shapes and sizes.

Individuals do not usually require huge, thick EVA foam sheets, however we can make even more foam with our tailor-made foam sheets.

Foam lamination strategies, which work well with fabric aluminum foils and also adhesive substratums, can also be used to make EVA foam pieces. When 2 or even more foam pieces are laminated flooring together, adhesives may be used. We can likewise make use of glue lamination if we can laminate flooring 2 or even more foam pieces together, and we use a selection of foam production techniques. Our EVA foam can be manufactured a lot more successfully than you can picture by utilizing the high performance, affordable, as well as excellent quality of our custom foam sheets, while still using a wide range of products such as polyurethane, polyethylene, and also polyester.

We have actually accredited foam foamers available to achieve this, and they can reduce EVA foam sheets to the desired density. Foam lamination is additionally needed if the consumer needs a felt surface for the EVA foam product or if foam lamination is to be made use of to advertise the production of tailor-made foam.


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