Which insole is right for me

What’s the Right Footwear Insole for Me?

There are several usual reasons for getting soles for footwear. You may experience foot discomfort as well as seek alleviation; you might be trying to find an insole for athletic tasks, such as running, soccer, or basketball; you may be wanting to replace a damaged set of soles when you purchased them that featured your shoes. Given that there are a lot of various products readily available and so numerous factors to shop, we understand that it can be a tough task to choose the appropriate sole for your demands, specifically for new buyers. We want you to understand we’re here to help you locate the right stuff for you. This guide was made to aid aim you to the ideal products for your requirements.


We have two superb devices readily available for you to help you start with picking your insole. To use our Sole Selector App, press the “Find the Perfect Sole” image above, or review our step-by-step insole option and website navigating guide below.

Leading things to bear in mind when you get a new Sole.
When purchasing a brand-new sole or orthotic arch support, there are a couple of points that you must bear in mind:.

Sole Sizing: The sizing is normally described as a shoe dimension set for an insole. For instance, “Males’s 9-11” (each maker utilizes different sizing). For the majority of full-length soles, this is due to the fact that the soles are made to be trimmed prior to use (trim-to-fit); the insole is made to be utilized in a variety of shoe dimensions, as well as when inserting the sole in their boots, the user is needed to cut any too much length from the end of the sole. The size variety on the item denotes the footwear dimensions of which the insoles/inserts can be conveniently used for 3/4-long soles as well as other insert items; 3/4-long soles and also inserts are normally not constructed to be cut at all. If you are in between dimensions (when the soles are determined “8-9” as well as “10-11”, you wear a size 9.5, you can acquire the next size up.

Insole Positioning: When you purchase a full-length sole, before placing the new one, you will most definitely require to eliminate the present insole from your shoe. Nearly all full-length insoles are intended to completely replace the insole you are already using; in addition to your existing soles, just very slim as well as flat unabridged insoles can be conveniently used. If you purchase a 3/4-length sole, this sole will be put on top of your present footwear insole. 3/4-length insoles are planned to be put on concurrently with the present insole of your footwear. If you purchase an insert item, relying on the particular item purchased, you can place this insert either on top or listed below your existing footwear insole (inserts feature guidelines for correct placement).
Your Kind of Foot Arch: One foot arc generally refers to among 3 distinctive styles of arches: 1) neutral or moderate arches, 2) reduced arches, level feet, or went down arcs, as well as 3) high arcs. Also, every sole is intended to work with one or more of these forms of foot arch. You can first define what your foot arch design is (much more on that particular below) when searching insoles, and after that search soles that are designed to fit with that said sort of foot arc. It would probably be uncomfortable to use an insole that is not built for your design of arch! Click on this link to see a video clip tutorial on exactly how to determine your type of foot arc.

Insole Footbed Type: In general, one of four separate footbed constructions has soles as well as orthotic arch supports: 1) rigid orthotic arc support, 2) semi-rigid orthotic arc support, 3) cushioned arch assistance, and 4) no arch support/flat cushion. The type of footbed you require will depend heavily on why you are seeking an insole, and also you ought to make certain that you are looking for products with a type of footbed that matches your requirements. Right here we address in more information the different kinds of footbeds.
Material: Foam, gel, cork, and also leather are the 4 most usual products from which insoles are made. Each has its advantages, and the item you choose is greatly dependent on selection. However, foam normally works best for cushioning, security, and also stress alleviation; gel works well for absorption of shock; cork works well for support as well as mild cushion; and leather works well for padding and also feeling (particularly when used with thin socks).
Popular reasons for acquiring an insole & & items suggested.
Below are some of the leading reasons we have actually seen why our consumers get insoles, in addition to the very best tips for acquiring an insole therefore.

Arch Pain & & Plantar Fasciitis.
You’ll want to look for an orthotic arc support with decent padding while locating remedy for plantar fasciitis and also foot arch discomfort. It fits much better with a foam orthotic arc support with either a semi-rigid footbed or rigid footbed. For novice buyers, for an excellent mix of assistance, adaptability, and convenience, we suggest trying a semi-rigid orthotic arch support. We recommend making use of an inflexible orthotic arch support for those that have actually worn orthotics before and are looking for more vigorous arc support. A layer of foam padding will certainly help further relieve pain if you have space in your footwear, or search for inconspicuous insoles to suit tighter-fitting boots. For a full list of insoles that are best for plantar fasciitis and arc pain release, see our Plantar Fasciitis Insoles web page.

Pronation is normal and also matches, when taking a dive, to the all-natural inward roll of the foot. When taking a relocation, over-pronation manage the state of the foot rolling as well much internal, which can additionally result in instability as well as discomfort in the foot. Try either a semi-rigid or inflexible orthotic arc support to correct over-pronation to help keep the foot aligned and supported in all times. It would unavoidably assist to fix over-pronation by integrating arch assistance and heel support that you will locate in an orthotic arch support. We propose a semi-rigid orthotic arc assistance for novice buyers; we advise a stiff orthotic arch assistance for those trying to find fierce arch support.

Up standing.
Usually, any individual that invests long periods of time standing experiences foot pain. Look for a supported arc brace to avoid this, which will assist keep the foot balanced gently throughout the day and also take stress off the foot. To relieve pain from standing, foam soles execute best. For a total listing of soles that function best for easing discomfort from standing, see our Insoles for Standing web page.

Neuroma Morton’s.
Morton’s Neuroma is a discomfort felt in the forefoot that is burning, tingling, or sharp as well as is generally created in the forefoot by a pressed or irritated nerve. You may desire an insole or insert with a metatarsal pad for your footwear, in addition to added forefoot cushioning to minimize pressure on the irritated nerve if you deal with Morton’s Neuroma. For a total listing of soles as well as inserts for pain alleviation, see our Morton’s Neuroma page.

Pain with metatarsalgia & & ball-of-foot
. You’ll intend to choose an insole that features a metatarsal pad and also plenty of top-coat cushioning if you suffer from metatarsalgia or other forefoot pain. The most effective choice right here seems a cushioned arc support, however we provide semi-rigid and rigid arch assistance alternatives for those trying to find additional foot support. For a full checklist of insoles that are best for metatarsalgia and also ball-of-foot discomfort relief, visit our Metatarsal Insoles & & Inserts web page.

Hallux Rigidus, Limitus Hallux, & & Toe’s Morton.
You would certainly wish to choose a tight insole to stop the pain and pain brought on by Hallux Rigidus, Hallux Limitus, or Morton’s Toe to maintain your toes from flexing. Practically every shoe’s toe-box is built to bend when taking an action, so you’ll want a sole that can stop this flex as entirely as feasible. There are lots of things developed to be used under your existing soles on our Hallux Rigidus, Limitus, and also Morton’s Toe tab, which will certainly stop your shoes from flexing.

Supination, or under-pronation, when taking a regular step, describes the outside roll of the foot. Throughout each action (‘ pronation’), the foot is built to roll inward a little, so the outside roll of the foot frequently adds to pain as well as discomfort. Try either a semi-rigid or inflexible orthotic arch assistance to prevent supination, to help keep the foot aligned and also secured in all times. By steering the foot’s activity in the direction of all-natural pronation, the mix of arch assistance as well as heel support that you will certainly locate in an orthotic arc assistance will naturally help to fix supination. We suggest a semi-rigid orthotic arc support for newbie buyers; we suggest a stiff orthotic arc support for those searching for violent arch assistance.

Shin Splints, Operating, Strolling, &&
. The mix of versatile support and shock absorption in their insoles is also called for by bicyclists, enthusiastic walkers, and also those dealing with shin splints. For this, look for either a supported arc support or a semi-rigid orthotic arch support that is either a complete gel building or attributes heel and forefoot gel extra padding. The stability you desire with an active task will certainly be made it possible for by the supported arch supports as well as semi-rigid arc sustains, and the gel padding will absorb influence shock to lower fatigue on the feet and also knees. There are a series of things on our Walking & & Running Insoles page to fulfill these requirements.

Arthritis & & Diabetes mellitus.
An insole that will be soft on the feet, aid with flow, as well as minimize the abuse as well as shock that the feet normally suffer everyday will certainly be needed for those dealing with diabetes mellitus and/or joint inflammation. As there are distinct criteria to be thought about a diabetic or arthritic insole, we will advise you to start looking for a full list of ideal insoles for these conditions on our Diabetic as well as Arthritic Insoles page.

Heel Spurs & & Discomfort in Heel.
You’ll wish to search for a sole with plenty of padding as well as cushioning on the heel of the foot if you experience heel stimulates or various other heel discomfort. There is a variety of items for this, from full-length insoles to heel insert bits to 3/4-length insoles. For a full listing of items that will certainly aid, take a look at our Heel Spurs as well as Heel Pain Insoles and Inserts web page.
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A description of numerous sorts of Sole Footbed.

Sustains Orthotic Arc.

Orthotic arch supports are insoles which, as part of their layout, feature an inflexible or semi-rigid assistance plate or assistance platform. Orthotic arc sustains can also be described as “orthotic soles,” “arch sustains,” or simply “orthotics.” These soles are constructed to make sure that all day, despite what tasks you join, your foot maintains a risk-free, natural form. By focusing on 2 key areas of the foot, they do this: the arc and the heel. Orthotic arch assistances are constructed with an integrated arch support that assists avoid the arc from over-collapsing and a heel mug to cradle the foot’s heel and limit unneeded activity of the ankle joint. Making use of orthotic arch supports assists to decrease stress on the plantar fascia, the muscle running along all-time low of your foot from heel to forefoot, which consequently helps prevent arch discomfort and also plantar fasciitis. On top of that, orthotic arc sustains aid route the foot with each move to make an all-natural motion, staying clear of over-pronation or supination.


A semi-rigid orthotic arch assistance features a very adaptable assistance system. This is best to give great assistance for the foot without ending up being “too rigid.” for the arch support.


A stiff orthotic arc support includes an almost definitely stiff support system. This is suitable for those looking for aggressive therapy for the arc as well as is not suggested for newbie users of orthotics.


Generally, orthotic arc supports need a short break-in period before you use them at all times. If you’ve never used orthotic arch support prior to, we simply advise that you use your orthotic arch assistance for the initial week for 1 to 2 hrs a day, then for the next week for 3-4 hrs a day. It is regular to really feel uncomfortable at first for orthotic arc sustains, but breaking into the soles gradually can help reduce discomfort. If the arch assistances are still triggering pain after several weeks, we may intend to take into consideration trying a various insole.


Finally, it is a typical belief that “softer is much better.” This is true in some circumstances, such as when a person invests the day standing yet does not or else have foot problems. Nevertheless, it is usually suggested that you go after alleviation with an orthotic arc help when arch pain is entailed. This is because your feet will certainly not be provided appropriate arch assistance by a cushioned arc assistance or flat cushioned insole, as well as you will begin to feel arch discomfort.

Orthotic Arch Store Assists.

Cushioned Arc Aids.

Soles that have an adaptable arc assistance made totally of supported extra padding as opposed to a rigid/semi-rigid assistance system are supported arc sustains. Cushioned arc supports can also be described as “arch cushions.” These insoles are planned to give some foot support while mainly concentrating on offering optimal padding. In circumstances where adequate assistance is called for, this is specifically valuable, yet the key objective of the sole is to offer relief from foot exhaustion. Cushioned arch supports seem favoured by walkers/runners looking for cushioned support over orthotic arch sustains, and individuals that invest all day standing yet or else suffer from no foot problems most gain from supported arc supports.


Supported arch supports through an integrated arch support likewise offer assistance for the feet, and lots of also feature a stability heel cup. The amount of assistance you will certainly get from a supported arch assistance, nonetheless, is a lot reduced in mostly all circumstances than that of an orthotic arc assistance. We advise that you look for an orthotic arch assistance rather if you suffer from arch discomfort, over-pronation, or supination. A cushioned arc support is the most effective kind of insole for you whether you are suffering from foot exhaustion or shin splints, or if you have attempted a semi-rigid orthotic arch support and located it agonizing.

Store Supporting Cushioned Arch.

Insoles for Apartment Cushions/Replacement.

Level supported insoles have no arch assistance whatsoever and are soles. These soles are not intended to have any type of foot protection, however are planned to simply line the bottom of a shoe as a substitute for the sock-liner that includes factory-new footwear. They are commonly called “substitute insoles.”.


In lots of types, replacement insoles come with some supplying a cushioned top-coat as well as others do not. To fit a variety of individual demands, substitute soles been available in foam, leather, woollen, cotton, gel and more fabrics. Replacement soles have a tendency to be thinner than insoles in all various other kinds.


Buyers that intend to change a damaged sock lining or relocate their footwear soles to another product, but do not desire any type of foot assistance, should search for a new insole to acquire.

Shop Insoles Substitute.

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Other Insoles Styles.

Insoles from Athletic & & Activities.

Sports or sports soles are additionally more technical than other insoles in their construction. These are soles built for the features of a specific sport/activity and also the specs of a person taking part in that task. As an example, in order to help with their heel-to-toe (stride) motion, joggers generally need excellent heel & & forefoot cushioning in addition to a foot support system. A rigid as well as portable sole that will certainly work in tight-fitting footwear is needed by bicyclists. In bulky boots, skiers, snowboarders, as well as other winter sports activities require a sole that urges warmth retention and that fits. Hockey & & ice skaters need an insole specifically developed to fit into their skates. Start off on our Insoles by Task web page to search insoles by activity.

Soles of Gel.

For their outstanding shock absorption properties, gel insoles are popular. While gel tends to be much heavier than other sole materials, soles with gel building or gel padding tend to be favored by those that perform high-impact tasks such as running, strolling, and also court sports. This is because much of the impact shock from these activities can be soaked up by the gel, helping to reduce foot exhaustion and also make the most of power return. To see our complete range of gel insoles, see our Gel Insoles web page.

Insoles for Cozy & & Wool

. For their insulation residential or commercial properties, wool insoles are cherished. These insoles, whether in the cozy or chilly, can aid control and endure the temperature level of your feet. Over the summer, woollen insoles help keep your feet cool, as well as lots of golf lovers love making use of wool soles in their golf shoes. In the winter, wool soles can additionally help keep feet cozy and make excellent enhancements to hiking boots and informal shoes. Furthermore, warm soles are created to hold your feet … Well … well … Uh, damp. Despite wool soles being available year-round, several wool soles are still called “warm insoles” In addition, hot insoles have actually insulated soles that maintain your feet warm even in the coldest weather conditions. For a variety of items to fulfill those demands, look into our Wool Insoles and Warm Insoles pages.

Insoles Heat-moldable.
Heat moldable insole

With time, when you wear them, every insole will certainly adapt your foot. However, heat-moldable insoles are developed to speed this procedure up. You are able to mold the soles to your specific foot type quickly by heating up the soles in the oven momentarily and after that standing on the soles as they cool down. Anyone who desires a totally individualized fit should consider acquiring a heat-moldable insole as rapidly as feasible. On our Heat Moldable Insoles web page, you can discover a complete listing of our heat-moldable insoles.

Soles with Sturdy.

You require an insole that can take on the severe problems of your task whether you work in construction or industrial areas. To do simply that, strong insoles are made. In order to please your requirements, our Industrial & & Job Insoles web page has an extensive listing of heavy-duty insoles.

Soles with Memory Foam.

Memory foam is highly soft as well as helps to preserve the foot’s shape gradually. As such, it’s prominent with those with their soles seeking a soft layer of padding. To see our collection of memory foam insoles, visit our web page for Memory Foam Insoles.

Insoles with High Heel.

It can be an uncomfortable job to put on high heels, and also finding a sole that will certainly fit in most high-heeled footwear is not easy. Visit our High Heel Inserts web page for a range of slim, low profile inserts that fit for high heels.

Insoles of a Child.

Child insoles are specifically created to support the foot of a youngster as well as are offered in a large range of orthotic as well as cushioned choices. On our Youngster’s Insoles page, we have a total checklist of child-suited soles.

Sandals & & Boots for Orthotics.

We sell a vast array of incorporated orthotic assistance shoes, slippers, shoes, and also slides. This is valuable in cases where you either don’t want to use your detachable insole (such as when wearing shoes on the coastline) or can’t use your detachable insole (such as in gown shoes, which usually do not included a removeable sole). Orthotic shoes permit you to preserve good assistance for the foot without the hassle of moving your insoles to any brand-new footwear you wear. For a full item lineup, be sure to take a look at our Orthotic Shoes and Orthotic Sandals sections.


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