Ideastep Insole Manufacturers

Ideastep Insole Manufacturers

orthotic insole
IDEASTEP started from Insole and still focus on Orthotics Orthotic.
In the year 1989, our older generation created a Orthotics business called “Yili Shoes Materials Co., Ltd.” and start to accept the shos insole makerin Jinjiang China.
In 1992 we begin to take a trip to various countries to advertise our insole.
Now we Called XIAMEN KON MODERN TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. ���ż���Դ�Ƽ����޹�˾
In these 29 years, we have actually been 37 nations for the events or customer checking out, the various experience makes us the distinction.

We use the DEL-CAM layout system as well as CNC inscription as well as 3D printing modern technology manufacturing Pre-fabric & Customized Orthotic Orthotics to Footcare specialists in addition to EVA Blockers for Cad-Cam Milling to Foot & Ankle Joint Labs and Workshops.
Save your time and also price ��.
Created you, to be your outsourcing workshop, we give high-cost efficiency via scale result.
Worldwide delivery in 7 days.
Obey your” feet check and prescription”, which transferred through the internet, we will certainly follow to make economical orthotics for you.
High quality:.
Owning a commercial chain from EVA materials to ORTHOTIC items, tight quality control of each action to guarantee top quality finishes.
In the year 1992, our senior generation produced an Insole service called “Yili Shoes Materials Co., Ltd.”.
In 1996, we started to coordinate the shoe Produces in Italy, Romania, India & Turkey;.
In 2003, we obtained cooperate with Chain Grocery store consist of Lidl, Walmart, Audi, Rossman; At the same time, we touched Pedorthic knowledge throughout solution the consumers;.
In 2009– 2013, have been “The Robert M. Palmer, Institute for Biomechanics, Inc” for Methodical Concept and also Practical Learning.
In 2017, got C.Ped. # 4290 Title from “American Board for Accreditation in Orthotics, Prosthetics and Pedorthics, Inc.”.

Benefits of footwear insoles from Ideastep orthotics manufacturer are:.
orthotics supplier
Eva block producer

orthotics manufacturer

1. Produced from 100% eco-friendly, safe resources, no smell, 100% stringent quality assurance.
2. BSCI, CE, ISO9001 Approved.
3. Our footwear insoles are lightweight, adaptable, removable, comfortable, breathable and water-proof and also are resilient. As well as the knowledgeable developer’s style.
4. One-stop-shop option for shoe orthotics, from principle as well as CNC milling to internal manufacturing, quality assurance as well as last packing,.
5. 10000+ various choice of style kind, color, style, scale, logo design, materials, function and so on. OEM/ODM footwear insoles can be used.

Please ask for customized service and order cost-free samples if you have an interest in these footwear orthotics, as well as get product lists as quickly as you can.

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