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The Shoe Debate: Can Super Shoes Really Make You Run Faster?

We��ve got an interesting one for you! This article will discuss the question if ��super shoes��, hi-tech running shoes, can actually help you break speed records and stay healthier as you run.
Running is hard on your feet, and ill-fitted support can do even more harm. Just think of how much stress your feet go through when you run �C when you cut corners or take longer strides with too much force, all that impact is transferred through the soles of your feet.
A lot of people use running shoes to absorb shock and prevent damage. And it��s true �C running shoes have come a long way from their initial design. The first running shoes were made of rubber and leather, and created to protect the feet as you run. Fast forward to today, and many different shoe companies claim their hi-tech kicks can make you faster �C and help you stay healthier as you run. But is this really true for everyone?
These special shoes �C often called ��super shoes�� �C have a unique structure that��s meant to help your feet perform better. There��s a carbon fiber plate making the middle part of the foot stiffer, thus helping people run better (in a study it��s been found 87% of participants performed better with a sturdy plate like that in their shoes!)
But that��s not all. The unique structure and stiffness levels in ��super shoes�� minimize your energy loss as you run, which means you��re literally using that feedback from the ground to propel you forward. You��re using less energy with each step and your feet will push off better than ever before!
For example, a study done by researchers Nigg & Stefanyshyn took a deeper look into this question. They gave 17 different runners shoes in varying degrees of stiffness. They found that the more stiff the shoe was, the faster the runners were!
While that does sound like a great solution, it��s hard to count on a shoe to give you that specific support you need. That��s because each person has a different foot structure and running pattern. What works for one person might not work as well for another. There��s actually no way to know for certain what type of support you need without the right equipment and professional knowledge.
Runners can��t afford to ignore their foot health �C that means looking for the right materials and support to prevent injuries, speeds up recovery time, and make you run faster. A great way to solve this is using custom orthotics. They go into any shoe and give you the exact level of stiffness and energy return you need to break speed records without compromising your health. Plus, you��ll be getting lots of added benefits, like moisture-wicking fabric and breathable EVA foam to keep your feet comfortable as you run.
This combination of good shoes and custom orthotics is the ideal way to get that edge you need and maximize your performance when you train. And the best part is, you can transfer custom orthotics like Upsteps between your athletic shoes �C to enjoy the various benefits of each without having to choose.
Happy running!
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