A Story of father and son bluetooth hearing aids.


The father and son took the city into the city, and some people laughed at them on the way: really stupid, there is a donkey not riding!

The father asked his son to ride on the donkey. After a short walk, someone said: “I am a son who is not filial, so I let my father walk!”

The father quickly called his son down and rode himself on his back. Others said: “It’s a heart-wrenching father, not afraid to exhaust the child!”

The father quickly called his son to ride on his back. Who knows that someone said: Two people riding on the back of the donkey, not afraid to crush that thin and thin?

The father and son quickly sneaked back and tied the four feet of the donkey and slammed it with a stick. When I passed a bridge, the scorpion struggled because of discomfort, and it fell into the river and drowned!

A person must have the opinion of the Lord and possess the ability to judge right and wrong, and will not be influenced by the opinions of others. Don’t live in the paradox of others, walk on your own feet, think in your own head , hear what you want to hear! G.sound buds , an inteligent device what can help you control your own life.


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