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Hearing aids are small, battery-operated amplifiers worn in the ear. Small microphones are used to pick up sounds in the environment. These sounds are then made louder so the user can hear these sounds better. Hearing aids do not restore your hearing to normal. They do not prevent the natural deterioration of hearing, nor cause further deterioration in hearing ability. However, hearing aids often improve one’s ability to communicate in everyday situations.

Adult Audiology offers two service approaches to hearing aids: advanced technology in a bundled approach and an entry-level model in an unbundled approach.  The advanced technology has more processing channels, multichannel steady-state and impulse noise reduction, and adaptive directionality, as well as rechargeable and Bluetooth options.  These aids are delivered with a warranty of 2 to 3 years and all office visits and services are included in the cost.  The entry-level model has fewer processing channels, basic noise reduction, and directionality.  These hearing aids are delivered with a 1 year warranty and post-fitting office visits and services are not included in the cost.  The cost is significantly lower and more affordable.  Best practice for fitting hearing aids is applied with both service approaches.

Your Options for Hearing Devices

Comparison Table of Hearing Aid Options

Hearing aids are available in many different styles and technology levels. For more information on hearing aids and hearing aid services at Washington University, click on the following links.

Hearing Aid Styles

Features of Hearing Aid Technology

What to Expect at My Hearing Aid Fitting

What to Expect from My Hearing Aids

Pricing and Financial Support

Hearing Aid Care and Maintenance

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