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5 Gift Ideas For Loved Ones With Hearing Loss

During this busy season, shoppers rush their holiday shopping list. It can be too easy to purchase a gift card or present without giving much thought. We made a list for those of you looking for a gift that will keep on giving throughout the upcoming New Year. Any of these items would make a great purchase for a loved one dealing with hearing loss. Many of these are also available at any Concept clinic in Iowa.

TV Streamer
If your friend or a family member has hearing aids, a TV streamer would make a great buy. Streamers turn your hearing aids into wireless headphones and offer greater clarity for watching television. Plus, they allow the user to change the volume independently of everyone in the room. That means they can watch TV with their friends and family without the volume at max or suffering through programming that’s too quiet for them to enjoy. It’s easy to set up too.

ReSound Alera TV streamer TV Wireless Accessories Unite

Remote Control
Remotes allow you to control your hearing aid and change settings discretely.    It keeps track of a hearing aid user’s individual settings, so they can switch back and forth seamlessly.    It also works with the TV Streamer. As one hearing aid user put it, “I knew that I wanted the Remote Control, because, for me, it would be awkward to reach behind my ear to control the volume.

ReSound Unite Accessories Remote Control 2 2nd generation

Phone Clip
Phone clips stream music and calls directly to your hearing aids Hands-free devices can especially be helpful for seniors to easily integrate their hearing aids into daily life. It’s really simple – Just push the answer button on the phone and the clip will connect to your hearing aids.   The clip doubles as a basic hearing aid remote control (NOTE:  the stand-alone remote control has more programming features, where the phone clip can control volume alone.)

#2 Phone Clip

Gift Certificate for Hearing Aids
This gift only has two issues:  1.  Hearing loss is very personal and some people aren’t ready.   2.   Gift certificates are seen as less thoughtful but more useful. However, for someone who is ready to get hearing aids and openly struggles with their hearing, a gift certificate could be the perfect gift. Hearing aids aren’t cheap. Getting a financial kick could just be the push your loved one needs and will appreciate for years to come. Big considerations need to be made, such as choosing the provider, but a little research and some detective work in your family can go a long way.

#2 Gift Card

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