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Doc Oct is a panel of 8 Concept Doctors, Audiologists & Dispensers that give hearing aid advice via questions from our website.

Q.  Dear Concept

I’m in desperate need of new hearing aids.   They’re quite old, and I’m beginning to experience a lot of the same difficulties I experienced when I first started losing my hearing.    

Unfortunately, I’m not a Concept patient but I would like to be.  My previous clinic has a price tag too steep for me.    What are my options?   Are your hearing aids similarly priced.   


In Need In Pleasant Hill

A.   Dear In Need,

Without knowing what type of hearing aids you have, it’s hard to say what our price range will be.   We have a wide range of products for every budget though.   On top of that, Concept lets new or old patients trade-in their old hearing aids for 25% off towards a new hearing aids, even if they are from a competitor.    It’s definitely worth setting up an appointment.    

I think the biggest reason to wear Concept is our trade-in policy.  After you get a set of Concept hearing aids, you’ll be able to trade those in for 50% off of the price you paid.   So you can get into newer hearing aids faster and cheaper than any other clinic in Iowa.   

I would recommend our latest hearing aid,  LiNX.   It’s the fastest chip we’ve ever had, and it boasts many features such as GPS, iPhone compatibility, and a new Sound shaper function.

Thanks for your question!  

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