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Q. I recently purchased hearing aids but I’m amazed and a little overwhelmed with all the noise I’m not used to hearing! How can I block out some of these noises? It can be a little distracting.

A. Background noise naturally happens to everyone regardless of hearing aids. Our brains are usually pretty good about filtering out most of it. However, during a hearing loss, the brain becomes lazy in process. This is because all the sounds are reduced or inaudible. When you begin using the hearing aids, all sounds are rushing back in and the brain is trying to retrain its selective listening skills. It’s critical to follow-up with your dispenser or audiologist in sessions during this period of adjustment.

It’s important that you wear your hearing aids consistently so you can let the brain process these lost sounds. The worst thing you could do is stuff them in a drawer. Once you allow your hearing aids to run their course, your brain can begin the process of filtering out unwanted noises again.

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