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Give the Gift of Better Hearing with Our Holiday Gift Ideas

If you have a family member or friend with – or without – a hearing loss, giving the gift of better hearing this holiday season is easier than ever. Hearing aid batteries make great stocking stuffers and the new technology in today’s hearing aids allow those with hearing loss to better connect with the sounds around them. Wireless hearing aids, like Concept Connect, Concept Complete, and Concept Patriot, can connect to devices that stream the sound from a TV, microphone, phone clip, and more to them. We made a list for those of you looking for a great gift for a loved one with hearing loss.

TV Streamer

TV streamers send the sound from a television directly to Concept wireless hearing aids; turning them into wireless headphones. The TV Streamer also connects to other wireless devices such as computers or other wireless audio sources. They also make day to day life easier by allowing the person with hearing aids to change the TV volume without changing it for everyone in the room. In fact, the only thing friends and family will notice is that the TV volume isn’t too high.


Remote Control

If your family member or loved one doesn’t have a smartphone, Concept’s Remote Control allows them to adjust their hearing aids and change settings discretely without touching them. The Remote Control will remember the hearing aid wearer’s individual settings, so they can switch back and forth seamlessly. It also works seamlessly with the TV Streamer.


Phone Clip

The Phone Clip sends the sound from a mobile phone directly to someone’s hearing aids. He or she just pushes the answer button on the clip and it will connect to the hearing aids. It can even be as far as 30 feet away from the mobile phone and still connect. This is the perfect gift for anyone who has difficulty hearing their phone ring from another room. The phone clip also doubles as a basic hearing aid remote control to control volume but has fewer programming features than the Remote Control.


Multi Mic

The Multi Mic delivers crystal clear sound to Concept wireless hearing aids from up to 80 feet away. It is handy for conversations around the dinner table, in a business meeting, or at an auditorium presentation. These listening environments can be tough if you have hearing loss because all of those voices seem to blend together. The Multi Mic extends listening range by picking up the sounds that are further away and delivering them straight to wireless hearing aids.


Custom Molded Hearing Protection

For those of you that have loved ones who need to protect their ears from loud noises, like hunters, craftsmen, motorcyclists, and farmers, Concept custom molded hearing protection makes a great gift. Often, when doing their favorite hobbies, our loved ones forget to use ear protection to preserve their hearing. In many cases, people find one size fits all hearing protection uncomfortable to wear, but custom molded hearing protection is designed to fit perfectly in the ear canal for ultimate comfort.

$100 per mold

Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing aid batteries make great stocking stuffers for your family members or loved ones who don’t have rechargeable hearing aids. Hearing aid batteries are $2 per card and each card comes with 4 batteries. Based on the size and average lifespan of each battery size the cost for a year’s worth of batteries is perfect for gift giving.

Size 10: $100/year
Size 312: $80/year
Size 13: $40/year
Size 675: $20/year

Gift Certificate

Give the gift of hearing with Concept gift certificates! Gift certificates start at a $250 value and must be purchased in-person at any Concept clinic.

No matter what the hearing health needs of your family member or loved one, Concept can help you give the gift of better hearing this holiday season. You can purchase any of our holiday gift ideas at any of our 20 Concept clinics throughout Iowa.

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