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Hearing Around the World: One Patient’s Story

Bill and Carolyn McCall are world travelers, so it is very important for Bill to have hearing aids that can adjust on the go with him. When Bill was in the market for new hearing aids, our new Concept Connect series hearing aids sounded like the perfect fit for him.  “The aids are very convenient for me because they can be adjusted remotely or on my phone,” Bill says. “The programs provided in the Concept Connect aids are great, and allow me to deal with every hearing situation I have encountered. When I use my smartphone app with the Concept Connect, even more magic happens.

Bill’s other hearing concern he wanted to address when researching new hearing aids was background noise reduction. “Carolyn and I do a lot of cruising and traveling. The Concept Connect performs unbelievably well in the windy environments we’ve encountered aboard ship, as well as on land.” Bill tells us, “It takes a very short time for these hearing aids to adjust to the environment. I can listen to everything and understand extremely well.”

When aboard a cruise ship, Bill also appreciates that Concept’s hearing aids are water resistant, so he doesn’t have to worry about getting them wet. Bill’s hearing aids often become a topic of conversation while he’s traveling because of how compact they are, too. Most importantly to Bill, he can get program updates to his hearing aids or help with his hearing aid accessories at any time. “The level of service from Concept is very important. The team in Ames is awesome and fun to work with,” he says. “It sounds cliché to say it, but hearing aids have really improved my quality of life.”


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