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A Hearing Loss Love Story

Jean Mark and her husband, Larry, came into our Concept clinic in West Des Moines in February to get Larry’s hearing screened. They had friends who came to Concept for hearing aids and decided to come in for a free hearing screening. When we asked what brought them in to see us, Jean told us that the occasion was for her birthday present.

Jean and Larry experienced the frustration that speaking with a loved one who has a hearing loss can often cause – having to repeat things 3-4 times, misunderstandings over what was said, and assumptions made based on what Larry thought he heard. Many times, the frustration is felt more by the person without a hearing loss than the person with a hearing loss.

After Larry got his hearing aids, Jean told us, “It was better than I had imagined! It was such a relief to not have to repeat everything 3 times, and I wasn’t wearing out my voice by the end of the day.” Larry and Jean are able to enjoy everyday things together again like being able to talk over breakfast, and conversing in the car while driving.

They had spent so much time managing Larry’s hearing loss that Jean had forgotten what a pleasure it was to do these things. “The hearing aids have really changed our lives. Larry can actually hear me — not just pretend to hear me — even from another room. Best birthday gift ever!”




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