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Life Is Too Short to Not Be Able to Hear

Jackie Weatherly knew she needed to have her hearing checked when it became increasingly difficult to hear her children and grandchildren – and because her kids were urging her to have her hearing tested, saying, “You need hearing aids, Mom!” She decided to visit Concept by Iowa Hearing Aid Centers’ Marshalltown clinic in 2014 to have her hearing screened. Jackie thought she was a little young for hearing aids at the time (she was 66 or 67), but now realizes, “It’s wonderful to be able to hear! I can hear all of the things my children, grandchildren, and now great-grandchildren say.”

Hearing loss can often start early, and it progressively gets worse over time. “I believe the reason for my hearing loss is the competitive diving I did in high school,” says Jackie. “Depending on how you land in the water, and what angle your head is on entry, you can damage your ears.”

Jackie’s favorite feature of her Advantage 7 hearing aids is the iPhone app she uses to control them, turning the volume up, down, or even off. When she is at work, she can turn the hearing aid volume up or down from her iPhone while talking on the office phone without missing a beat. She can also adjust her hearing aids with her iPhone for different activities. “It’s such a joy to watch movies with my grandchildren and hear their reactions to what they are seeing.”

Jackie also takes advantage of Concept’s lifetime aftercare of her hearing aids, having them adjusted by her hearing health experts whenever she needs to. “If I have an issue, I just bring them in to be adjusted, and then they work perfectly,” Jackie says. “Life is too short to not be able to hear!”


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