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Patient Feature – Jeanie Abdo

Two years ago, Concept patient Jeanie Abdo was having trouble hearing at the dinner table at Christmas and when her grandson would speak to her. “I was saying things that were out of context with the conversation or responding incorrectly to questions. It was embarrassing,” Jeanie confessed. Jeanie’s son-in-law previously went to Concept for a free hearing screening, and due to his excellent experience, her daughter made an appointment for her at the same clinic. Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist in our Davenport clinic, Kat Klauer, administered Jeanie’s hearing screening.

Kat discussed the hearing test results with Jeanie and recommended the right hearing aids for her hearing loss. “I had a pleasant experience with Kat. It wasn’t a high-pressure sale, and she wasn’t trying to sell me something I didn’t need,” Jeanie explained. However, she was still hesitant to buy hearing aids. “I just didn’t want to spend the money,” she said. After her appointment with Kat, Jeanie also talked about hearing aids with her family doctor. “When I told him my concerns, he said, ‘It’s about quality of life,’ and he was right. It was crazy to keep putting up with my hearing loss, and now I’m sorry it took me so long to get them. Hearing aids seem like a lot of money, but they are worth it. Even if they had not been on sale, the cost would still have been worth it!”

Jeanie wears her hearing aids for most of the day and admits she has seen a real difference in her hearing and her balance. “It’s so nice not to ask, ‘What?’ all of the time! Now, I can follow along with family conversations and hear my grandson talking.” Jeanie added, “We volunteer at Camp Summit, and at lunchtime, it’s very loud with all of the kids talking. When I was there last, I was able to quickly turn the volume down on my hearing aids and keep working without missing a beat.”

Jeanie also appreciates the size and weight of her Concept hearing aids. “I can’t even tell that I’m wearing them – and they aren’t heavy at all,” Jeanie said. “I’m glad I came to Concept! Kat and Shauna are excellent, and my experience has been a plus all the way around.”

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