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Patient Feature: Leon Moeller

leon-moellerIf you live in the Dixon or Donahue, Iowa area, you might know Leon Moeller as the school bus driver who makes sure your kids arrive safely at school. You might also know him from his days as a factory worker or traveling salesman. What you might not know is that he wears hearing aids.

A few years ago at Thanksgiving, Leon was having trouble hearing the conversation around the dinner table. “My kids were talking, and I would just keep on eating because I couldn’t hear them,” Leon said. “My hearing loss started long ago, but I just kept putting up with it, and putting up with it, until the kids insisted I do something about it. I kept hearing Dan Kennedy on the radio talking about Concept, so I decided to go there,” Leon states. “I purchased my first pair of hearing aids at the Davenport clinic, and when I drove away, I could hear all of the traffic sounds and the birds singing again. I’ve even noticed that I can hear the microwave beeping and doors closing; that’s how bad my hearing loss was.”

Leon’s first pair of hearing aids needed some tuning to get the programming to a comfortable level for him. “Kat and Shauna at the Davenport clinic have been just wonderful,” he said. “Kat really understood my hearing loss and took the time to get the programming just right. When my old hearing aids were sent out for repair, Kat loaned me a pair of Concept Open hearing aids to wear,” Leon remembers. “My old hearing aids were good, but these new ones are so much better. The sound quality is more natural – like someone is speaking directly to you – even when they are further away.” Leon liked the Concept Open hearing aids so much that he decided to upgrade to them right away. “I truly believe that every time [the manufacturers] invent something new, it’s better than the old. That was definitely the case with these hearing aids.”


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