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Patient Feature: Linda and Lyle Hubbard

Linda Hubbard originally came to Concept by Iowa Hearing Aid Centers because she won a pair of hearing aids at an event at Riverside Casino. However, it was the service she received at our Coralville clinic that impressed her most: “Sandy was so helpful when I got my hearing aids.” Sometimes, when patients first start wearing hearing aids, some “new” sounds that they are exposed to become bothersome, as they’d become accustomed to not hearing them. For Linda, papers crinkling seemed too loud. “We were rustling papers together during her appointment to simulate the sound and making adjustments to her aids to soften the sound for Linda,” said Sandy, “It’s important to only soften the sounds, because you still need to hear them, but we wanted to get them to a comfortable level for her.”

A few years after she won hearing aids, Linda noticed that her husband was starting to struggle with his hearing. “When my husband, Lyle, needed them,” Linda said, “I gave him mine, and you were so great with him.” The team at our Coralville clinic reprogrammed her old hearing aids for her husband to wear. After giving Lyle her hearing aids, Linda purchased a new pair of hearing aids for herself. “The fit of the new hearing aids is so comfortable and all the sounds are clearer. I can easily tell the difference between letters in words without having to ask anyone to repeat themselves.” Linda adds, “People don’t notice that I am wearing hearing aids because my hair covers the aids, and the tubing is so small. In fact, most people are surprised to find out I’m wearing them.”

She continues, “The hearing aids also help in group settings with friends, or at restaurants where there is a lot of background noise. When I run into a case in which my aids aren’t functioning like they normally do, it’s nice that the Coralville team can adjust them quickly to make sounds less overwhelming.”

Concept’s newest technology accounts for sudden, loud sounds; automatically and immediately adjusting to keep the wearer’s ears comfortable and protected. To read more about the hearing aids Linda and her husband wear, visit our Hearing Technology page.

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