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Patient Feature: Mary O’Day

mary-o-dayConcept patient Mary O’Day was a nurse for 54 years, and the cacophony of sounds she experienced in the hospital could have affected her hearing over the years. Research shows that some alarms on medical devices can reach as high as 80 dB, and when added to the other sounds in a hospital, they can put nurses at risk for noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL)1. Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist in our Davenport clinic, Kat Klauer, adds, “It is important to remember that NIHL is a permanent condition that is irreversible.”

Like many other Concept patients, Mary’s family urged her to get her hearing screened. “I have four children, and they didn’t want to repeat themselves several times anymore,” Mary recounts. “In addition, I was noticing difficulty hearing at church, in noisy restaurants, and in meetings. I heard Taylor [Concept’s President] talking about hearing loss on WMT radio one day, and called Concept to schedule an appointment. I should have done that sooner.”

“It is important to treat hearing loss sooner,” Kat agrees, “so you don’t lose the ability to understand language. Treating your hearing loss will improve your quality of life!”

“Now that I have hearing aids, I’ve noticed how loud the TV volume was before,” Mary continues. “If I turn on the TV in the morning before I put my hearing aids in, I have to immediately turn down the volume after I have them in… My hearing aids are so comfortable and small that I don’t feel like I’m wearing them. I don’t wear them to the hair salon anymore only because I worry I won’t notice I took them out!” Mary jokes.

As a retired nurse, Mary also knows excellent patient care when she sees it. “Kat and Shauna at the Davenport office are wonderful. They are so kind and patient with my husband and me, and even with our service dog” Mary explains. “Kat makes information about hearing loss and hearing aids easy to understand. She explains everything so well I feel confident that I won’t need more information after my appointment.”

“At Concept, our patients become part of the Concept family. We strive to be welcoming, informative, and provide quality care for the hearing loss you have today and in the years to come,” Kat states. “Your first step to better hearing health is to schedule a free hearing evaluation in one of our Iowa clinics.”




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