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Richard Petty Gives The Behind-The-Scenes Of The Concept Connection

A NASCAR legend talks about Concept’s mobile clinic before the conversion

This year, Concept soft-launched a mobile hearing clinic to reach under-served communities in Iowa.   The mobile clinic is an RV formerly owned by none other than racer Richard Petty.   We sat down with Richard briefly to discuss what the RV was like before it became a hearing clinic.

1.      Do you have a favorite moment on the bus?

“Probably sleeping (laughing).  The motor coaches for us on the road are our home away from home.  We travel to 30-35 races a year and you used to stay at a hotel.  The tracks made it easy for you to bring a motor coach in the infield.  You all stay together and it’s like a community.  It’s really it’s own deal and it’s a part of your life at the track.  It’s just always fun when the family gathers.  I always enjoy that.”

2.      What other legendary NASCAR drivers that may have been on it?

“That bus?  It’s tough to think of who has been in it and not.  We have had a few different drivers like John Andretti, Christian Fittipaldi and a few others.  We have probably had different celebrities or politicians who have come over to check in on us, but it’s tough to recall them all.”

3.      Why did you get the bus originally?

“It’s like I was talking about, it just became a part of the sport for you to have a motor coach.  Like having a plane or a big race hauler.  It’s how the sport evolved.  It makes it easier and they last a long time. This one lasted a good long while before it was just time to change over.  They are all nice, but they’re all just a little bit different too.  I like certain things and others like different things too.  They are all unique and special.”

Be on the lookout for the Concept Connection full launch in February.  Request a visit from our bus at your business or community.

Link:Richard Petty Gives The Behind-The-Scenes Of The Concept Connection

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