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The importance of follow-up appointments

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A good hearing aid fit isn’t always easy, and it’s almost never accomplished after just one appointment. The first visit to get your hearing aids fitted may be the most important, but follow-ups can make the difference in your road to better hearing and a better quality of life. These routine visits offer opportunities for you to ask your hearing professional questions, have maintenance performed on your hearing aids, and keep you hearing your best. At Concept, follow-up appointments are always done one-on-one with your provider while wearing your hearing aids so you can hear the changes being made in real time.

Check your hearing aids

Even if it feels like you are hearing well, there’s almost always something that could be improved, especially in the first few months of wear. Your hearing health expert will do their best to calibrate and fit your hearing aids to your specific needs, but real-world experience is the true test. A follow-up to your fitting gives them the opportunity to evaluate whether your hearing aids are both working properly and meeting your needs. Studies show it can take up to 18 months to hear at your optimum with new hearing aids.

Voice concerns

When it involves your hearing ability and comfort – no concern is a small concern. What might seem like a minor irritation could develop into a major problem over time or lead you to stop wearing your hearing aids altogether. The hearing aid fitting follow-up appointment is your chance to voice any issues, no matter how small or insignificant, and receive help from a professional.

Learn how to make adjustments

Maybe you are not experiencing issues with your hearing aids, but you’re having difficulty adjusting to them in certain environments. Don’t feel discouraged – you’re not alone! Many first-time hearing aid wearers struggle getting used to wearing hearing aids. For example, it can take a while to get used to having something in your ear canal. Hearing aids also change the way you hear sounds and even your own voice.

Maintain top performance

Routine follow-up care for hearing aids is critical in keeping them functioning well and you hearing clearly. It is recommended that you schedule an appointment for a proper hearing aid cleaning approximately two to three times a year. This is also a great opportunity for minor repairs to be performed on your hearing aids. Doing this will keep your hearing aid device(s) functioning at top performance.  You should always have your next appointment scheduled when you leave your current Concept appointment.

Hearing changes over time

Your hearing loss can change over time and sometimes these changes can require some adjustments of the programming in your hearing aids in order to help you continue to hear well. Sometimes programming changes are also needed due to changing preferences or lifestyles.

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