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Top 3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Hearing Aids

It’s important to know when the time is right to upgrade your hearing aids. You might have had your device for a number of years, and technological advances in hearing aids, which could enhance your hearing, happen quickly. You also might have experienced a change in health or lifestyle that requires a newer hearing aid to better fit your lifestyle.

Here are the three top reasons why you should upgrade your hearing aids with new ones for better hearing and quality of life.

Age of the Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are complex technological devices that last five to seven years. Even if it’s been well cared for, continued exposure to moisture and ear wax can damage the hearing aids over time. The older the hearing aid, the less likely it is performing as well as it did when you first got it, and the more difficult it is to find parts to repair it.

Change in Hearing or General Health

If you have a newer hearing aid, but think it’s not working properly, it could be that your hearing has worsened. Hearing loss can be progressive, and a more powerful or different type of device might be needed to address your changing hearing needs.

Similarly, a change in your overall health can prompt the need for a new hearing aid. For example, a loss of dexterity in the fingers can make it difficult to hold or change the battery of an in-the-canal hearing aid. New behind-the-ear hearing aids with larger battery doors can help eliminate that obstacle.

New Job or Lifestyle Change

Securing a new job is exciting, but it also might necessitate new hearing aids to help you work to your full potential. Does the new position require you to follow conversations at office meetings or at a job site with lots of background noise? Do you need a device that is compatible with a cell phone? Share those details with your hearing health expert, who can find you the device with the features that meet your needs.

The same is true if you’ve taken up new hobbies like hiking, snorkeling or woodworking. In instances like these, you might want hearing aids that can stand up to more rugged environments. There are devices available today that are waterproof and shockproof.

Trade-in Program

There’s no doubt that a good pair of hearing aids is an investment in your own quality of life. To help you manage the costs of upgrading your hearing aids, Concept of Iowa Hearing Aid Centers offers a program to trade in your old hearing aids for cash credit toward new ones. You can find out the value of your hearing aids toward an upgrade by calling 800-792-9564, or by sending a message via a form on our website’s trade-in page.



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